During the recording of Loveless, Kevin Shields reportedly spent over £250,000 and nearly bankrupted the independent record label Creation Records, also home to Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive and Primal Scream, among others. Most of this money went into purchasing high-end Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Hello all. I’m Ascari from GTHD. As you know I was the highest ranked player on GTHD. GTHD was used as a test game, so that the people at Polyphony Digital could use the information gathered from players using the game, to improve their physics engine. That’s why it was free. You may also remember holl01. holl01 was very fast but he had a very unrealistic way of driving. The first way they changed the physics engine, was so holl01 couldn’t drive the way he was, because he was making them look bad. I had a more realistic way of driving and from the very start of GTHD they were making minor changes to the code and the physics because of this. Most of you who use the wheel, will have felt the improvements since then. They were making constant changes to the physics engine from the start, but when I started to use their drift physics engine, that’s when they began to build the whole system around me, in real time. At this point, it was 6 months since GTHD started, and the competition had closed. I did more physical work over the next 3 months than anyone ever has, and with all the information they had gathered from this testing, they developed a new type of code. It was obvious this new code had to run at a certain speed, so they developed a system where the code was running through my wheel, so they could find out, how fast it needed to run.
They ran this code at a certain speed and I went faster. So they rebuilt, to meet this new speed, and again I went faster. This went on until I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with the speed. Eventually I managed to beat it and when I did, I noticed that my arm was light. Then everything around me turned into light. I was light and all I could see was light. What had happened was, I kept beating the speed the code was running at, over and over until it was running, just below the speed of light. I then eventually managed to beat it to the speed of light, and in doing so, brought binary code to the speed of light. I didn’t know what speed it was running at, so this came as a surprise to me. I was just trying to go faster and beat it.

With code running at the speed of light, there were a lot of new ways to test the car. So the next test worth mentioning was, the test that found the points of inertia. They couldn’t find the points of inertia by making calculations. I had to do it practically. They set up a certain test, where the weight left the middle of the car and travelled to the rear axle, because they knew there had to be points in that area. I managed to find the first two points that are located on both sides of the rear axle, by forcing the weight to pass through these points, and this showed them how to find the rest. Eventually they found all the points of inertia and it lead to a system where there is a mathematically perfect cross above the car and a halo around the car. At times, the weight will leave the car and return. This system controls how the weight does that. It is not a virtual system, it was found and proven scientifically and it exists in real life. This system has always been there, waiting to be found. All that was needed to find it was binary code that was travelling at the speed of light, which is capable of making these tests possible and me.

The next interesting thing that happened was, what happened with the code itself. When I brought it to the speed of light, this was something very special and I became emotionally attached to it. Through all the testing that was going on, now for about 11 months, my mind got to know it and I was able to find it’s weak points and break it. I broke it 4 more times since it was brought to the speed of light, until it was unbreakable. Then I suggested to them that they assume there is only light because that’s what I saw when I first brought the code to the speed of light. I figured it was worth a try. The theory held and within their system there was only light. Proving what I had seen. At the time, I could barely believe what I saw. Powerful, Infinite light isn’t something you see everyday. I thought what I might have seen, was the code reaching the speed of light, and it just appeared to be everywhere, but the light I saw was everywhere around me and the fact that the theory held, proves what I saw and when I say it was powerful, I mean powerful. So at this stage the code was everywhere, within their system, but it was not stable. Using what I can only call mind power, I managed to draw the code from where it was being introduced. In doing this, I made the code perfect. Hard to believe, I know, but I had been testing for a year at this stage and my mind knew the code, inside out. The code was now perfect light, just like I had seen in real life but it was nothing compared to the real thing.

So there you have it. Proof that God exists and what he looks like and proof that Jesus was, who he said he was. This also proves that there are 5 dimensions. Not 26 like any scientist will tell you. The fifth dimension is God. I saw this and then I proved it. I went along with this process because these people gave me their word I would be paid for my time and I would get a trial with a racing team. I figured, after more physical work than anyone has ever done, all these evolutionary leaps, the proof that God exists, finding the points of inertia that lead to the cross and making the perfect code, that I earned my way onto a track. Looking back on it, I feel like a fool. I never signed a contract because I was going on trust, like a fool.

Now a year on, I have been left with nothing. I failed college, nearly had a heart attack at one point due to the stress of the testing, and contributed more to this process than anyone else involved. They stole a year of my life and all my ability. I thought the GT people were decent people so that’s why I went along with it. I can inform you, that if you become associated with the GT people in any way, you will be treated like a dog who, is supposed to jump through hoops. If you don’t jump through hoops, they will lose face and you will suffer and they can’t be trusted. They are thieves of the highest order.

Also, this code is very dangerous. As far as I know Sony have military contracts. Some parts of the PS3 are used in weapons technology. I am responsible for this code, and I finished it, but because I never signed a contract, I have no rights to it and no say in how it’s used. If it’s used for military weapons, it will be on my conscience. The code is God’s image. This company is going to patent it and sell it. This is wrong.

You may find all of this hard to believe and I don’t blame you. It’s a lot to comprehend, but I swear to God, it’s all true. This process happened because I have a very good practical understanding of physics and I was forcing the car to react, as it should in real life, but it wasn’t. They realised this, and that’s why they started building the physics engine around me. The longer the process went on, the more complicated things got, and the information they gathered from all my testing, lead to this new type of code. Then when I brought this code to the speed of light, that’s when everything got a little, outside the box. I transcended matter, saw the light, which is God and brought binary code with me and then I proved it. I then found the first 2 points of inertia that lead to the cross.

I’m asking all of you to stop playing GT until this is sorted out. I started, and contributed more to a process that proved that God exists and Jesus was his son. All I want is, to get onto a track and I think I’ve earned that. These people stole a year of my life and all my ability. If you stop playing, it will be only for a short time until they compensate me for the last year of my life. Since this ended, they have updated the PS3 contracts so, if I go through this process with another company like Microsoft, they will be able to take me to court. My ability is all I have, so I’m not signing any contracts, and as a result I can’t use my PS3 anymore. My advice to everyone who uses consoles like the PS3 is, to be aware that these game developers are using you to make their software work better, and they can just take your intellectual property, and sue you in court if you try to do the same with another company. There is a God, Jesus was his son and I’m responsible for finding the proof. All I ask in return, is that you stop playing this video game until there is some justice. Please help me out.

I dream of the good life selling watermelons on the subway platform.

Why do awards matter? That’s a great question and you should fill in your thoughts below because I’ve got nothing!

(11:02:49 PM) sigvatr: one time on magic mushrooms i watched winamp visualizations for like 6 hours
(11:02:58 PM) sigvatr: then i threw up

Now the Internet's changed everything. People can get all the information they want instantaneously, and that has killed innovation in ramen.

The biggest danger is launch - all that power and acceleration. Once we survive that, it's just a steady threat of radiation, meteorite impacts, and vehicle system failure like fire or ammonia breakthrough.

10 Ways You're Unknowingly Crushing Your Cat's Spirit

Vomiting on Scabies's altar will increase your alignment with him by 1.

lol which people. the same people who cried about the US invading Afghanistan and Iraq and who were summarily ignored. The US could nuke Iran, North Korea and govt occupied Syria tomorrow and other countries would be like - damn, that was a real shame right there, i really enjoyed iranian tea

This whole scenario is so perfectly central Pennsylvania. I've lived in this area for just over ten years now and each and every single thing that these people do is an unexplainable, befuddling, unholy mess. Every. Single. Thing. I'm not even the slightest bit phased that just down the road is an ice cream shop that's had a bear in a tiny cage for the last 18 years and for a quarter I can go there and throw handfuls of corn and dog food at it. That somehow makes sense to these people. These are, without question, the strangest and most awkward people in the country. If I walked outside right now and everybody out there was shoving socks up there asses I wouldn't be surprised at all.

If you're ever near central PA, seriously, do yourself a favor and stop for just a little bit. It's like a zoo filled with weird people. Go to a bar or restaurant and try to order a drink or something to eat. Stop at a store or gas station and try to buy something, anything. It'll be one of the most f*cked up experiences of your life. The second a local gets involved you're going to see some shiat that cannot be explained. If you order a drink and the server is a native, there's a solid chance that dude might bring you back a shoe. You'll see some shiat that will confuse you until the day you die.

(01:07:20 AM) jukioooo: my friend is spreading his bare ass cheeks on a sofa while other friend plays piano and i just film the ass and say "beautiful piano..." over and over again

Be sure to Return to Jill Taylor's EXPERIENCE based Report after the Shower of Outdated TERM Based Assumptions, Positioned (as "Science" always does) to allow Dismissal of what has already been Established. Hawkins "tell" is his dependance on redundant terminology / while Determined to Subject our brains to Needless ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (WI-FI). How is it even Remotely Possible this Arrogant SHILL would be Unaware of the INTERFERENCE and DAMAGE this has on Brain Tissue???? It ISN'T.

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There's a button in an operating, room sized microwave. You can either walk in and push the button or send your buddy, who just so happens to be a Hot Pocket nymph in to push the button. You will die. He will become a tasty treat that all enjoy. Logical choice: kill yourself.

Hey guys, can you help me out? I'm trying to find this one song by Eminem about how he is overcoming his personal problems? Something about his wife, his mom, drug addiction, or responsibility as a father? Thanks.

jute gyte is great. there’s always something mythic-feeling about absurdly prolific artists like that (jandek, gucci mane, and lil b all spring to mind). maybe they’ll all collaborate someday and bring about armageddon.

Game are game even not game and art agme because they have shared LITERACY, most non gamer can't even engage with sub class of game because they don't have the basic literacy. BTW game = win is a hack, you can't win tetris still a game.

Also the problem is that word are only traditional and concurrent to social activities that are validate into a cultural label, in electronic there is "breadboard" as noting to do with bread at all. Don't listen to Wittgenstein he was trying to be too witty. Definition will always be fuzzy as they do not describe territories (aka including and excluding aka politics) but perspective and prescription.

Ash bought this car from money he won in a malpractice lawsuit because he had surgery on his quadriceps the year before and was in lots of pain. In fact, he was living in a hose of pain.

Wasn' t entirely without many threads of spiral, piled up, macks, and that old excrement of gangsta. Excrement of gangsta crows, big ugly crows.

Just some food for thought: Ethnic Cleansing, ZOG Nightmare and Thundra were all made with a Game Maker-like engine. That should speak about the quality of games obtainable with such engines, and the kinds of people that release stuff made with them.

Noted cereal scholar Scott Bruce decried General Mills' decision to invent a new mascot for Chex cereal for such frivolous purposes, and dismissed the Chex Warrior as not compelling enough to sell the product.

What in the fuck is this? I mean, why people find it funny and entertaining? I tried to play it, but I could not. I simply find it disgusting to do. Secondly, I doubt people wasted their time to contribute their zombie-themed maps (especially Dr.Dr's)on a project that would turn into "haha, look, bagel is trying to infect me!" one.

Define superstar because 5 Datsyuk's against 5 of any other NHL player on the ice today would be a choked out, defensive nightmare. Shut down and shut out by this mad man. The most well-rounded player in the league today. He is no Bure or Fedorov, but when every single NHL coach behind a bench today would have him center the top-line, I would measure a guess and call you full of shit. He is the very definition of "perfect forward". The days of Gretzky and Mario are long gone. Todays game would eat Mario and Wayne alive. With hitters like Kronwall prowling in the shadows, the open ice, creative plays Wayne and Mario made in the day of no defense and standup goaltending would have them rolled off the ice with career ending injuries. Hockey isn't about scoring goals anymore. It's not about winning 14-12 or 10-9. It's about winning 4-1, 4-2, 5-2 or 6-3 with strong strategies and responsible two-way play. The Russian invasion of the 90's swept that bullshit style of high octane scoring away. It was a joke. Call it how you want. I see things pretty clearly; the greatest forward to ever play the game was, is and always will be Fedorov. A fucking animal. More human than human rolled straight off a superhuman production line. The only player in NHL history to score a goal in all 5 positions period, play all 5 position in one season period, more than 2 positions in one game with 4 (LW-RW-C-RD), score multiple points in multiple positions in a single game (Assist as RW, goal as C and Assist as RD) and play Norris calibre Defense. Bowman, the greatest coach in NHL history said Fedorov would win the Norris if he kept him on D. His triple sweep of awards in 94 proves irrefutably that Fedorov was the greatest gift the NHL has ever seen. A man that scored a natural hat trick all over Mario's slow, one-dimensional ass, scored 14 goals against and picked off Wayne 3 times and was the greatest playoff clutch scorer in modern NHL history. The very man that changed the NHL forever and ushered in the two-way forward genetic. Because of Sergei, you won't even find top 6 time if you can't play a two-way game. In todays NHL, no organization in their right minds would draft Wayne or Mario over Sergei. Neither would I. 5 Fedorovs against any 5 other players in NHL history was be a massacre all day, every day all season long. 5 Sergei's against 5 Wayne's or Mario's would end 6-1,7-1, 8-1 or 8-2 guaranteed. Gauran-fucking-teed. He would literally tap-dance with his blades all over Wayne's and Mario's ball sacks. Ovechkin and Toews would eat Fedorov's sweaty nut sack all day while giving Mario and Wayne the reach around. Wayne, Mario,, Ovechkin, Toews, Crosby and the rest of these half-assed, sequoia sized axe swingers are the very definition of overrated if we are using two-way measuring standards. You give me any goal scorer today and I give you Bure T-bagging them all with ease. The only reason why most of these one-dimensional tree trunks are scoring more than 40 goals a season is because of the 2006 rule changes that all but washed away true defensive hockey. Not only is todays game not the same game, it's not even the same sport. Completely and utterly different sport than pre-06 NHL. Put the pre-06 and today's sheets of ice side-by-side and no sane person would watch the shit-fest calling itself hockey today. In todays game of almost no neutral zone, nearly against the board goal posts, limited goalie movements and smaller pads and I would bet my most precious cock that Bure would light the lamp 114 times in a season with Sergei running a two-way freak show all over these pampered pussy eaters of today. If Datsyuk was as good as he was pre-06 and is still making players look stupid, I would consider that the mark of a superstar. And to every half-assed Canadian that disagrees: eat European player shit with a knife. You Canadian bacons and your nationalistic, jingoistic, monopoly over hockey is just as full of shit as you are. You guys don't get to dictate jack shit anymore. You haven't been an authority since the NHL had to scrape your guys off the streets to fill drafts. You can shove your "greatest of all time" claims right up your one-trick, entire nation would collapse without hockey, asses. Bigoted claims from a bunch of northern nobodies don't mean shit to the rest of the world. You say Wayne and the world says Karlamov and Makorov. You say Orr and the rest of the world says Lidrstrom. You say Roy and the world laughs with Hasek all the way to the fact bank. Fuck you and your national bigotry that has long passed itself off as some sort of undeniable fact. Pure slew-foot artists and Paul Bunyans from the lineage of Bobby Clarke. 2nd rate at best. A nation that has produced 18 of the top 20 worst head hunters and cheap shot artists of all time. Wayne and Mario are the greatest of all time? According to who if not a bunch of Canadian hams? Orr is the best? According to who, if not a bunch of nationalistic jingo's up north? Keep your unqualified opinions packed in the ice up north where it belongs.

I abide by the code of honour and chivalry, so to all those who repeatedly insult me on forums hiding behind their computer screen: I am available at anytime of the day for a fistfight or any type of sword or crossbow duel. I just purchased an automatic pistol crossbow. It's a mix between a gun and a crossbow, it's like a pistol but it fires arrows. I killed a goat with a shot in the stomach at point-blank range by alluring it with grass; the beast died three hours later. I will do the same with you. I know that you like grass, like all sheep do.

any light anarchist songs?

Looking for a twee type feel but vs the state.

(10:09:53 AM) googoogjoob: yeah but still it's not like 47 has qualms about murdering gangsters
(10:10:02 AM) googoogjoob: he kills snoop dogg in the tutorial mission even without a contract on him
(10:10:27 AM) googoogjoob: welcome to the secret assassin's order, here is your color coded bird costume
(10:11:10 AM) GenericUser: why yes, that is a hanging piano above your patrol route!
(10:14:28 AM) googoogjoob: you WILL be fired if you fail to wear the bird costume to work
(10:15:02 AM) googoogjoob: losing the bird costume suit, feet, or head, is an actionable offense and may result in termination

I am not satisfied with your service. Take me to the higher ups. Basically saying: “I’m not satisfied with my life, what the fuck is up with that? Explain yourself world.”

Vaginal steams (bajos, in Spanish) have a long history of use by traditional healers in various parts of the world, especially in Korea and Central America. Their popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason – vaginal steams are very beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, from painful menstrual cramps to infertility. They can help the uterus empty itself more completely, dredging out old tissue & blood that may have been there for months or even years. Vaginal steams are easy enough to do on your own at home, with herbs that are generally easy to find. I have used vaginal steams myself many times and am always very impressed with the positive effects of this natural healing method.

Nobody can tell I have a minority orientation based on my physical appearance, but they can tell I'm a nerd because I carry technical equipment with me when I go out to eat.

This archive contains a file that will make your Wolfenstein 3-D a more kosher game. Instead of shooting at people, you shoot at objects which, like the original guards, will shoot at you. (If they didn’t shoot at you, then the game wouldn’t be Wolfenstein.) I also changed the skeletons, bones, and blood into objects. However, in order to keep the original “spirit” of the game, I left the Nazi symbolism. Another thing I couldn’t change was Mr. Blazkowics’s bloody face when he get’s wounded. In short, I changed the game from an “R-rated” game into a “PG-rated” game. However, the incredible action is still intact.


The guards have been changed into “marbles”. The original brown guards are now brown marbles and the original SS blue officers are now blue marbles. The dogs are green marbles, and the big “boss” at the end is a gigantic blue marble. These marbles will shoot at you too, therefore, I recommend using the “God Mode” when you first play this version of the game. When you destroy a marble with your gun, the marble will fall apart and turn into a bunch of marble junk on the floor. When a blue marble is killed, it will turn into blue junk on the floor, when a brown marble is killed, it will turn into brown junk, and when a green marble is killed, it will turn into green junk.

The blood that was on the purple wall was turned into tar and the hanging skeleton was changed into a hanging potted plant. (To add a natural touch.) I replaced the skeletons in the prison with smiley faces in the cells and most of the skeletons and piles of bones on the floor were changed into smiley faces.

Beyond these changes, the game is the same. Have fun!

Ebola Nurse: Stop calling me the 'Ebola Nurse'

Kill Screen @killscreen 3h
Call of Duty doesn’t understand grief, but then, who does?

Games have changed man. If this was made back in the day as a nintendo game, the funeral scene would be a platformer and you would have to run the whole way across the level and make it to the coffin in order to pay your respects. You'd have to dodge angry gravestones, other mourners, probably some crows flying by, maybe even be a skeleton or two rising from the grave that throw bones at you in an arc formation. then when you finally manage to make it to the coffin, you attempt to pay your respects but when you look inside you realize there's nothing in it. The body is in a different coffin. So you hop down a warp pipe, do it 7 more times and the game is over. See, back in those days games were actually HARD and took SKILL. You didn't have any of this "press F" to win the level nonsense. In those days, you didn't get luxuries like a machine gun to take out waves of enemies, you had to do it with your own bare shoes. And you definitely didn't have any of this compact disk stuff that you just stick the game in the console and it automatically works, you had to actually do WORK and blow on the cartage to play. For an old game, you had to blow your brains out if you wanted it to work. For these day's games, you want to blow your brains out when it does work. Games have changed man.

Thay say im always too late, got nothin in my brain thats what pople sayayaya mmm mmm thats what pople say mmm mmm mmm i go on to many dates but i can make them stay at least thats what poplle say mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Net Neutrality' is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.

weed has almost universally made me exponentially more socially retarded.. and god forbid I have to answer the phone while high... Jesus Christ, I remember one time the neighbor down the street called during a weekday (parents and siblings were at school/work and I was home for some reason, I can't remember why but I had just finished a bowl at this moment), I answered the phone and she must have known I was a little "off" because she said something along the lines of "just hang up and i'll leave a message on the answering machine" so I did.. calls back and I instinctively pick up the phone again (not realizing what had happened literally seconds ago.. my short term memory is non-existent in the first 10 minutes after smoking), there's this nervous laugh and I play it off like I meant to do this and I fully understand what's going on... calls again and I pick up for the THIRD time and she repeats herself in that really slow, do-you-understayunhnd-what-my-voice-is-saying type way. I still get that embarrassed feeling in my gut every time I think about this incident and this happened over 3 years ago.

As one of very few women in senior creative positions in the video game industry, Hennig is often asked about sexism and challenges she has faced. But she says it's not an issue. "Usually it has been men who gave me the opportunities I have had. I think this is a young enough and progressive enough industry that there just isn't any of that."

But that doesn't mean her perspective as a woman doesn't come in handy on design teams dominated by men, including on Uncharted 2, which features two prominent female characters. "There was an issue with breast size sometimes. I would say to the modelers, 'Let's take it down. How about a C [cup]?' "

29% of Louisianans say Obama (elected in 2008) was to blame for poor federal response to Hurricane Katrina (2005).

Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential. Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential. Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential. Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential. Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential. Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential. Kraftwerk were a very influential band, very influential. They were influential, a very influential band. They influenced many people with their music because they were very influential.

"i see no chains" "they were invisible til I became internet famous...as yours shall be."

Introverts will name all of their spiders after their favorite characters from books and anime.

(1:20:44 AM) Emotional hardcore? Nah, but definitely hardcore emotional.: worldstar
(1:20:49 AM) Emotional hardcore? Nah, but definitely hardcore emotional.: and if someone dies
(1:20:54 AM) Emotional hardcore? Nah, but definitely hardcore emotional.: change the chant to liveleak

Okay, scenario. You're buttering bread, making your kids lunches. You realize "oh, I need glad wrap!" You bend over with your hand on the counter, knife pointing outwards.

You're at eye level with the knife but you think nothing of it "it'll be quick, I just need glad wrap" you think to yourself. With your hand on the drawer you slide it open and reveal the glad wrap, when suddenly "good morning daddy!" your kid comes running up behind you. You only have a split second to think "he never wakes up this early" before he pounces onto you.


and you're dead. then end.

Man cleared of owning 'extreme porn' after tiger in sex video revealed to be man in costume

Stochastic processes may be used in music to compose a fixed piece or may be produced in performance. Stochastic music was pioneered by Iannis Xenakis, who coined the term stochastic music. Specific examples of mathematics, statistics, and physics applied to music composition are the use of the statistical mechanics of gases in Pithoprakta, statistical distribution of points on a plane in Diamorphoses, minimal constraints in Achorripsis, the normal distribution in ST/10 and Atrées, Markov chains in Analogiques, game theory in Duel and Stratégie, group theory in Nomos Alpha (for Siegfried Palm), set theory in Herma and Eonta,[7] and Brownian motion in N'Shima.[citation needed] Xenakis frequently used computers to produce his scores, such as the ST series including Morsima-Amorsima and Atrées, and founded CEMAMu. Earlier, John Cage and others had composed aleatoric or indeterminate music, which is created by chance processes but does not have the strict mathematical basis (Cage's Music of Changes, for example, uses a system of charts based on the I-Ching).

Buy Call of Duty Definitive Collection (ROW)

Includes 110 items: Call of Duty, Call of Duty® 2, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Stimulus Package, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Resurgence Pack, Call of Duty®: Black Ops, Call of Duty®: Black Ops First Strike Content Pack, Call of Duty®: Black Ops Escalation Content Pack, Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation Content Pack, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3, Call of Duty®: Black Ops - Rezurrection Content Pack, Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, Call of Duty®: Ghosts, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Collection 3: Chaos Pack, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Collection 4: Final Assault, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Collection 1, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Collection 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Mac Edition, Call of Duty®: Black Ops Annihilation & Escalation Bundle – Mac Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Rezurrection Mac Edition, Call of Duty®: Black Ops II - 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Do you like Postal 2? The first game was a little too Columbine for my tastes, but when Postal 2 came out in '03, I think the series really came into its own, commercially and artistically. The whole game has a clear, crisp level of violence, and a new sheen of consumerate decadence that really gives the mindlessness a big boost. It's been compared to Manhunt, but I think Postal has a far more sarcastic, cynical sense of humor.

In '04, RWS released this, Apocalypse Weekend, their most insane content addon. I think their undisputed addition from this was the destruciton of Paradise, an ending so gratifying, most people don't pay attention to the message. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of destroying and moving on, and the importance of the post-Cold War era, it's also a personal statement about how Vince feels about the Middle East in general.

Step 5: Keep the Authorities Guessing

build this for cinema screens (improve the depth perception) en resolution = angle manipulators (bv mirrors viber optics beamers nanoscience ect..) and designing in 3d real time objects. this one is 3 dementional , think of 4 or 5 dementionals of thes (cube within cubes , to establish imaginary solid lines colours and objects - to the eye. build an transparant cube2. 3 cubes vibrating in 3dementions on a clock speed to display image and improve ) lots of potentiality

ITT: Eres blithely mentions narcissism on his way to talk about a different problem he has, threadjacking to make it about himself, again.

Haaha ur fuckin funny they cant hurt u my ass if those bears wanted to they can rip the fuckin windsheild off of ur car and eat u like god damn candy man and ur just sittin there like the dumb white people u probably disrespecting nature tell that kid his daddy doesnt kno what he doin and prolly will get him killed one day coin stupid shit like that god u people are ignorantly stupid a bear can be a killing machine at anytime and just because ur in a car doesnt mean ur fuckin say u stupid fucks

Only after great debate can we judge if someone who is black or gay or a female or poor can be called a douchebag.

George Delaney the famous photographer of post WW2 monasteries in Europe and Asia went all ‘psychedelic’ in the sixties and branched out into this field too. We have just been studying him. He achieved similar effects in the analog realm by inserting the film incorrectly or ‘applying’ mugs of coffee to prints to create unpredictable elliptical stains. He made extensive use of a variety of trouser presses, as apparently each brand gave a slightly different effect when applied to the prints.

Unfortunately for him analog photography was not a particularly new technology in the 60’s so everybody thought what he was doing was incredibly pointless and dull.

Luckily for us though ‘digital’ photography and ‘home computer’ music editing software is still relatively new and fresh which makes this seem interesting and meaningful even though it isn’t really.

George Delaney (who is not a real person BTW) sadly died last year. But the good news is that he left 40 thousand coffee stained prints of cats to the National Gallery and they are going to be exhibited in 2023. They won’t be shown on the wall though because that would drive visitors to suicidal boredom. Instead visitors will put on ‘interactive’ virtual reality helmets paid for the the Arts Council and view the entire collection while wandering around an empty O2 arena in London. Their eye movements will be tracked and an algorithm will be applied in real time to create a unique T-shirt design which will then be printed and available to buy in the gift shop (facebook members only). I’m not sure what will happen after that. Just go home I guess.

Human sexual intercourse evolved from the activities of a bony fish - Microbrachius dicki - in Scottish lakes 385 million years ago.

>>I saw an ENT doctor about it and he got super excited because my tonsils were some of the biggest he had seen
Sounds like a weird guy

Is there way to withdraw all the money from your IRA and 401k early without incurring penalties and taxes? I know I can get the principle out of my IRA tax free I think, but I know I'll be fucked in the ass with taxes on the 401k.

I have a glioblastoma and have 4 months to live and want to build a badass as fuck gothic mausoleum for myself. I have no friends or family to be beneficiaries for the money, well some family but fuck them they aren't getting my money. I'm 30 and it's a little more than 600,000 dollars and already have a few masons lined up, though it's doubtful it'll be done in time for me to see it.

>>OP walks into business interview
>>secretary speaks
>> hello, OP, how may I help you?
>>OP, doesn't even respond and pushes her by the face into the ground
>>kicks open the interview door
>> walks in and sit down calmly looking at 4 huge men, each wearing a power suit. Each has a small african child with a leash around their neck.
>>What brings you here, OP?
>>OP pulls out a redpill out of his pocket. OP: does this look familiar?
>>business men tear up with pride.
>>I knew he was one of us. Here is your mandatory African slave child.

Flashback to 14 years earlier: I am sitting in my editor’s office with an idea for an investigative journalism piece exploring whether or not it’s possible to obtain free lobster. I tell him I have devised a plan to receive lobster at no monetary cost: Step One: Confess to a high-profile unsolved murder, thus earning me a spot on death row. Step Two: While I await my execution in prison, my accomplice on the outside, who for the sake of anonymity I will simply call Harrison, runs a successful campaign for governor. Step Three: When the time comes for me, the condemned, to request my last meal, I request lobster. Step Four: The lobster is brought to me, free of charge, and I eat it without paying for it. Step Five: Moments before my execution, my buddy Harrison, now governor of the state, grants me a pardon, and I walk free.

"Where is the railway station?" he asks me. "There," I say, pointing at the post office, "and would you please post this letter for me on the way?" "Yes," he says, determined to open the envelope and check whether it contains something valuable.

'Cultivate your (my italics) garden,' Voltaire famously enjoins us. He does NOT say go visit a public park maintained at the taxpayers' expense!

As the subtitle of the book is 'The Story of a Murderer', I don't think it gives anything away to say that the book climaxes in the brutal murders of 25 women that Grenouille uses to create the most perfect smelling perfume the world has ever known. Despite all the difficulties Grenouille encounters, all the opposition and roadblocks (and it's indisputably true that Grenouille was dealt a bad hand in life), he still takes his lumps admirably and never wavers from his pursuit of his dream, which, at its heart, is something I think everyone aspires to be able to do.

I'm a methodological anarchist and I often use my own personal life as an experimental test bed. This, I think, gives me an edge over some of my more staid colleagues who prefer to rely on third hand data.

(7:53:14 PM) ilkae: Air Canada to come down hard on cockpit porn (timeslive.co.za)
(7:53:19 PM) ilkae: give that copy editor a raise

the marketer will be the main character of my snuff movie, the 2 remaining will help me shooting the movie and selling it online fuck the stupid marketer, in today's world paying someone like this it's like paying for sex, only loosers do
fuck you stupid marketer of my ass, you have clearly no more purpose on earth so let's kill you and fuck your dead bodies to make profits

Also to draw really good anime eyes, just draw a shiny crystal egg and fill it with space and nebulas

What happens in Vegas stays in the memory of your taxi driver

[Awards committees] decide that No Country for Old Men – dark, stark, violent – is better than Juno, a comedy about a pregnant teen.

(4:13:29 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: why is god fearing a positive thing
(4:13:38 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: being a pussy on a spiritual scale
(4:13:50 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: praiseworthy

1.) Bees communicate through dance in order to convey information to other members of their hive about where flowers are located. They have one dance that means, “Where are the flowers?” and another dance that means, “I don’t know.”
2.) Bees only sting out of jealousy.
3.) When threatened by predators, a beehive will sprout legs, drop from its tree, and jog away into the forest. If you see a beehive running through the woods on a pair of gorgeous human man legs, it is considered polite to shout, “I hope you escape!”
4.) How large is a bee? Picture this: If you hollowed out a small human boy, you could fit 800 bees inside of his empty skin.
5.) If you keep your mouth open for long enough, a swarm of bees will fly out of it.
6.) It is often said that bees are more afraid of you than you are of bees. This is a lie.

>play worms armageddon
>mom appears behind me
>what happens to the worms you push in the water?
>they die.... I guess
>sit in silence for minutes, miss all my shots every turn
>"do you feel like a hero yet?"

The other night I had a dream where I felt like a schizo. I had a dream my nuts were conspiring against me. The way they communicated with each other was through telepathy, and whenever they were thinking the veins in my nuts would light up electric blue. I got mad at them and cut them off and put them in seperate jars and then put them on a shelf on my wall. Then I realized that I had no nuts, and a few hours some really small, non-ESP nuts grew back. I'm pretty big into dream interpretation but honestly what the fuck does this even mean?

the line between porn and music is becoming thinner and thinner! nice porn btw!

It's like a crime syndicate is trying to take over the city. This is not politics - it's a batman cartoon.

(6:15:06 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: being reflexive
(6:15:42 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: reflexive science
(6:15:45 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: is the best science
(6:17:22 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: it really feels like this rocket engine should work
(6:17:24 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: let's launch it
(6:20:43 PM) jim 'jihadi' davis: if it doesnt work we'll discuss how the failure has made us feel

After showing off the new gear at school, kick back at home with the HIB 12 EP on Vinyl as you hack through the HIB 12 Shareware 3.5" Floppy Disk for hidden secrets.

Throughout primary school to the middle of high school I was bullied for being darker than most children. People would laugh and call me “Blackie, Black Sabbath, Barbeque Beef” .. the list goes on.

Ahh the irony, and especially you +OpethToolMetallica , cockroaches, rats, seagulls, homeless people, and ferile cats can only rely on the feeding and generosity of humans, yet are detested at the same time by them which solves absolutely nothing. So, upon this logical sequence, it goes on to say that feeding the trolls makes you the fucktard and dumbass who bathes in his own shit derived from anger towards what he feeds. :) cheers you cuntfuck

(8:39:17 PM) sheldon: i was gonna report some standoff between a drug dealer trying to go indiana jones with an extension chord and a guy who punched him because he didn't get his weed but the non-emergency line took way too long and i decided i didn't care enough

What you're saying is a calumny against VC's. VC's have helped create plenty of businesses and assets that investors value and have poured money into - like the whole Bitcoin ecosphere. Why, I have heard the top VC's, angels, and even YCombinator high mucky mucks raving about Bitcoin. If people listened to you, they might not pour their money into such valuable assets like Bitcoins.

Looking for a playful dinosaur? Well Birdo has got you covered.

Five gecko lizards sent into orbit on a Russian space satellite as part of a sex experiment have all died, the Russian space agency says.

How do you finger yourself and get a organism?

>graduate school
>get a job in corporate or public accounting
>after a few years realize I hate it
>start a new business
>run the business and grow it, sell and go into semi-retirement
if things get shitty
> do some white-collar criminal shit
>go to jail
>get out and release a rap album called "White Collar Crimez"
>single "cookin dem books" goes to No. 1 Billboard
>tour and fuck bitchez
>die of drug overdose on mt. everest

I've never really thought of "Irreversible" as having much of a commentary on public transit policy, but then again that's why I come here. Fresh perspectives.

To get through the day, Musk relies on two stimulants: caffeine and a desire to help humanity colonize Mars. Until he recently started cutting back on the former, Musk consumed eight cans of Diet Coke a day, as well as several large cups of coffee. "I got so freaking jacked that I seriously started to feel like I was losing my peripheral vision," he says.


Coldplay sounds like a sad man whisper-crying in my ear,

Once upon a time there lived a dragon, a fairy and a princess. The dragon hated the fairy.

One summer's morning the dragon gave the treasure to the princess. As a result, the princess had the treasure. The princess felt joy that she had the treasure. The princess felt gratitude towards the dragon about giving the treasure to her because she had the treasure. The fairy and the princess started to love the dragon.

A short time later the princess killed the fairy. As a result, the fairy was dead. The dragon felt joy that the fairy was dead. The dragon felt gratitude towards the princess about killing the fairy because the fairy was dead.

I used it heavily as a teen, and really all it did was give me erections over cottage cheese, and some other ****.

'Uber for Autorickshaws' comes to India

"What makes a person boring?"

Last week I purchased a particularly nice 24 piece set of pale blue plastic Tupperware containers. It was financially reckless of me but they were in a 25% discount sale. Also it IS summer, can I not let my hair down a bit?

I brought the pack home and arranged the containers on the kitchen table in descending size order, using the bubble sort algorithm. It was at this point I discovered to my delight that there must have been a labeling error at the factory, for there were in fact 26 pieces not 24! I nevertheless felt obliged to check my excitement and call up the manufacturer to warn them of a potentially serious commercial oversight.

I spent the next three hours carefully labeling each container and placing them inside one another, testing the interplay between each and writing down the best stack combinations, scoring them out of 10. Two containers in particular have a very impressive flush when the smaller is pushed into the larger. I was in fact so impressed by this that I took said containers to work the following day to show my colleagues this particular example of fine plastic manufacturing.

But they just weren't that interested, I think it's because they have kids. It's having children that makes a person boring I am afraid. When you have children you don't have time for Tupperware anymore.

Fuck I don't think I've been attracted to an ass in yoga pants for the last year or so. It has become less enjoyable to me because it's the exact same thing over and over and over. Every time I even think of talking to a girl like that I go to their fb page and I see all the "oops I took a selfie in the bathroom, do I look hot?" pics and I just click the red cross and go play guitar.

Santiago, the friend of Santiago and earns frequent flier miles with inferiority complex living with blood clot.Where we can accurately figure out our traffic light.deficit related to fall in love with hydrogen atom of cheese wheel.He called her Santiago (or was it Santiago?).bonbon inside photon prays, but inside nation operate a small fruit stand with grizzly bear for globule.

Ah, the great founders of the Classical schools of thought. Parmenides, Plato, Epicurus, Stoic the Hedgehog, Aristotle... the list goes on.

This new devolution of metal makes me fukkin sick.
Vegan, clean shaven, empathetic, non-violent....BLACK METAL??!?
Kill yourself and your whore mother so she can't create anymore non-testosterone
producing, "aww shucks guys," wussy know-it-all pricks like you.
You look like a 10 year old's nutsack.
You seriously do look like a testicle guy....

Uncontrollable laughter
Past memories, such as revisiting places from childhood memory
Sensations of motion, or being pulled or twisted by forces
Visions of membranes, films and various two-dimensional surfaces
Merging with or becoming objects
Overlapping realities, such as the perception of being in several locations at once

'Gentleman' Seeks 'Worthy' Woman (Edmonton)
body : athletic


(P.S. If you contact me it will be assumed you have read, understood and agree with everything on this page. If you disagree or don't like anything please don't contact me. On the other hand, "If you SNOOZE, you lose. . .") NOTE: I WILL TEST YOU early in the first communications/interactions between us to know if you are real, honest, motivated, serious, etc. Please take this as a fair and friendly prior warning.

ME = A very nice, mature , "gentleman." with a than higher college degree and education backed with experience in the real world. I have my own house (not apartment), car, motorcycle, income, etc. I am of European descent. A professional man with a GOOD BACKGROUND. Better than 99% of what you will find, GUARANTEE #1.

YOU = Good girl for friendship and romance. You would be treated very well and nobody will treat you better (GUARANTEE #2). HOWEVER IN ORDER FOR THIS TO HAPPEN . . .YOU HAVE TO BE. . . "Worthy," "Deserving" and "Reciprocate."

IF you provide me with ALL 6 items requested, I will respond back to you within 24-hrs. I will check and ask if you first read, understood and agree to everything on this page including the FAQs/Comments and subsequently I do request your cell # to text you my photo and to become more acquainted at the same time. Afterwards, we will talk on the phone too and set-up a day/time to meet.

IF YOU WANT A RESPONSE, please E-mail (1) your name, (2) your email address, (3) your location (city), (4) your age, (5) your ethnicity and (6) your current & clear photo (within the last 3 months). CURRENT means how you look "today," NOT "yesterday." For example, if you had long and black hair yesterday but short and blonde today, don't send me a photo showing your "older or previous" look. CLEAR means NO "hats," "sunglasses" or "fuzzy" photos and so forth. Your ETHNICITY means your "country" of origin or where your ancestors came from.

If your email message is incomplete (does not include all 6 items above), ignorant, disrespectful or sarcastic you will NOT get a response. NO exceptions or excuses. The email gets deleted without paying any attention to it. DO NOT contact me if you are unwilling or unable to exchange phone #, talk on the phone and meet in person within a few days or possibly the same day.

* Note #1 - I am open to girls from different ethnicities, sizes, races and ages 18-27. If you are older than 27 please include information about your EDUCATION and WORK/JOB BACKGROUND in addition to the 6 items requested above. (P.S. Regardless of the age you tell me, don't be surprised if I ask to see your ID or Birth Certificate to verify).

*Note #2 - If you are currently pregnant or have children, it won't work out. DO NOT contact me.

* Note #3 - Remember something ladies, especially THOSE OF YOU who "Complain" about "Men." The problem is NOT "Men." The problem is YOUR "Pick," "Selection" and "Taste" in men. Do you see the difference? Choose "Better" men and you will have "Better" experiences with men. GET IT? I tell all ladies the same thing. Either you appreciate, value and can recognize a "good" man (gentleman) or you don't. If you do, you benefit (win). If you don't, you lose. The smart ones do and the dumb ones don't. WHICH ONE ARE YOU??

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Comments. . .

1) Question: If you are such an amazing guy then why are you still searching or single?

Answer: Good question. Did you read my headline? It says, looking for a "Worthy and Deserving" girl. By this, I mean, "mature," "intelligent," "responsible," "grateful," etc. That's like finding a needle in a haystack. Basically, I'm looking for "quality" over "quantity" so that takes longer to find.

2) Question: Most guys say they are great or a gentleman. How do I know that's really you?

Answer: Good question. I also find that most girls tell me they are a "Good Girl" too or "Worthy and Deserving" but often that's not the case either. Thus, the best and ONLY way to really know if the guy or girl is "great," is by spending a lot of time with them and getting to know them by dating and having conversations, etc. Otherwise, you will never know for sure. This works both ways for men and women. The man has to "test" the woman and vice-versa.

3) Question: Do you really think online dating is a good or serious place to find what you are looking for? Do you really take this serious? Afterall, this is Craigslist.

Answer: What do you have to lose by trying? You never know for certain unless you try. Right? If you have a negative expectation, the results will be the same. Thus, I look at "online" places like Craig's List as another place with "potential" and "possibilities" instead of looking at it from a negative or pessimistic perspective.

4) Question: I'm not in Alberta. I currently live in Montreal. Is that OK?

Answer: No. If you live "outside" of Alberta it will be very difficult or impossible for a real friendship or relationship requiring an "airplane" for traveling and meeting.

5) Question: We are in different towns or cities. Is that OK?

Answer: Yes. As long as we are both in "Alberta" Canada. it's not a major problem UNLESS you are unwilling or unable to "drive" --OR- use public transportation including the bus or train. I will drive to you but you must also be able or willing to travel to me and to some equal extent. I may ask you to drive or travel to me on the first meeting to "test" if you are serious. The focus and priority is on the "person" not their distance. If you allow "distance" to distract your attention from the main focus (the two people) or use "distance" as your excuse then DO NOT contact me because you have your priorities and focus out of line. (P.S. I am in the Edmonton Area - which is northern Alberta). Check the map if you are unfamiliar.

6) Question ("Comment"): I don't want to do any traveling. I want to find someone close to me or in the same city.

Answer: And I wish we lived in a "perfect" world and everything was across the street from my house or within walking distance so none of us would need cars, trains or airplanes. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect or ideal world. This world is full of "challenges" for everyone. Relationships (especially "successful" ones) require enormous time, energy and effort from both man and woman. Relationships are like a full time "JOB." It's NOT "EASY." If you are not able or willing to commit to the challenges of the "job" then you are not ready for the "job." It's that simple. (P.S. If everyone could find someone close to them or across the street, then none of us would need to be looking online for someone. Right? Get it?).

7) Question: What exactly are you looking for?

Answer: A romantic (intimate) relationship and long-term (on-going) girlfriend. This also includes the "possibility" of marriage. Thus, if this is not what you are looking for then you SHOULD NOT contact me. (P.S. I am NOT looking for a Facebook, email, telephone, texting or platonic friend. I am NOT looking for patients or customers either. So don't contact me for anything besides what is described above).

8) Question:I'm a lesbian. I do not date men. Are you cool with meeting someone that wants to be "just friends"?

Answer: See answer #7 above. I am NOT looking for "just friends." You are in the wrong section. This is the romance section called "Men Seeking Women." You should be looking under "STRICTLY PLATONIC." However I am not against a bi or bi-curious girl who want to remain honest and loyal to her man I will consider the opportunity as an extension of your wants and needs and if we are a match then I would be ok with it on special occasions (not on a regular basis). Only sharing you with other women friends (no bi guys or gay guys or trannies or other wierd mixed genders. Never will i consider that ever so don't ask.)

9) Question: I'm only 18 or 20. Don't you think you are too old for me?

Answer: DEPENDS on your level of "MATURITY," mental growth, intelligence and overall cognitive understanding. If you are MATURE for your age it shouldn't be a problem unless you are still playing with barbie dolls, teddy bears, video games, etc. I'm in my 30's (Between 30-39). I won't tell you my exact age until we meet so don't ask beforehand.Generally speaking the MAN should be OLDER than the woman because females mature or age faster than males (both physically and mentally). This is a scientific fact. For example, females reach puberty on average at age 9 or 10. Males don't reach puberty until 14 or 15 on average. Another reason why bigger or older age gaps work better is because older men have more resources, maturity, education, life experiences, etc., to provide, treat or care for a woman properly.Generally, men under age 40 are still considered "young" while women under 30 are considered "young." Age has a different meaning and consequence for men and women. Real men are hard to find let alone come by and I consider myself to be one.

10) Question ("Comment"): You sound or seem rude, aggressive, controlling or cocky. Just like my asshole ex-boyfriend or husband.

Answer: And you sound ignorant just like my XXXXX ex-girlfriend. It's ignorant and ridiculous to judge someone so quickly without ever talking to them, meeting them and not even spending 10 minutes with them. Trust me, I am not like your ex-boyfriend or husband. I'm much better. Don't be quick to judge someone (especially negatively) until you really get to know them which takes time.

11) Question: Are you at least 6 foot tall? Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Answer: NO. And if this is your first focus or priority don't contact me. Instead, you need to FIRST "educate" yourself about the keys to success and happiness in relationships. These are not based on how many tattoos or inches on a ruler.

12) Question: OK, so now what? I emailed you and never got a response back. Will I be sure I will get a response back?

Answer: The ONLY reason(s) you didn't get a response is/are, (1) You did not include ALL "6" items requested, or (2) Your message was rude, disrespectful or sarcastic in some way, or (3) I never got your email. Simply re-send and wait for a response within 24-hours.

13) Question: I am super cute and have a great body. Are you good enough for me?

Answer: Tell me something about yourself that I or other men cannot $$ PURCHASE $$ for a few dollars off the street and you will have my attention. Being cute or attractive is no doubt appealing but NOT sufficient. Sadly and more humorous, most girls think just being "cute" or "pretty" will get them far or that's all they need to be successful with men. Sorry, this is not the case especially with smarter and more intelligent men with resources. We know better and not easily fooled by just a "pretty" girl. You need more than "pretty" ladies, especially if you want something real, serious or long-term with a man.

14) Question: I have tattoos and piercings and sometimes I like to dye my hair different colors. Is that OK with you?

Answer: It's OK. I am more concerned about how you talk and behave with me and if you respect and appreciate a good man. That is the starting point and not how many tattoos you have UNLESS most or entire body is covered in tattoos or piercings or you got them when you were in prison. If so, we need to talk about it some more.

15) Question: Do you drink alcohol like beer or liquor? Do you smoke or do any type of drugs? Do you mind if I do?

Answer: NO and I don't mind if "you" do but this also depends on "your" frequency, type and reason for use or consumption.

16) Question: I like to be "spoiled" and I want to know how much you are going to spend on me. How much?

Answer: You sound like a gold-digger or prostitute. My headline says "Gentleman" or "Professional" it doesn't say $ATM$ Machine. If you are looking for an ATM Machine to finance and "spoil" yourself look somewhere else. You have to appreciate the company of a "gentleman" and at the same time appreciate any amount he spends on you, if any. He has no obligation to spend a dollar on you BUT he MAY depending on what he thinks you are worthy and deserving of (not what you think) and how well you reciprocate and show appreciation for it. If you are focused on his money instead of him or if you are a gold-digger, escort or prostitute don't bother. (P.S. I don't need to be online to find a XXXXX. Many of them walk the streets a few blocks from my house everyday and are easily accessible. Get it?)

17) Question ("Comment"): Sorry, I passed out in bed and wasn't able to call or text you back. Now I am in bed sick, I have a sore throat. My phone battery died too.

Answer: I think I have heard you say that before or that you had to take your dog to the vet or something else. If you have a tendency to make "excuses" for a lot of things, then you probably aren't ready for any friendship or relationship for that manner. So that gives you a hint. If you are an "excuse-maker" don't contact me. It won't get you far with me.

18) Question: Do you have any children? Do you have a wife or ever been married?

Answer: NO.

19) Question: Hey I am looking for someone for my friend or sister and I thought your ad was cool. I want to introduce you to her. Is that OK?

Answer: That's good but I didn't hire you as my "match-finder." Thus, you can have your friend, sister or relative review this page and THEY can contact me directly as they wish. That works better. I am not really interested in talking to the "middle" person nor is that the best way to approach it.

20) Question: What type of music do you like? Do you like dogs? I need to know before I send you any information about myself.

Answer: NO other information about me besides what is already stated here until you supply the "6" items requested. Why? I don't want to spend a lot of time answering your questions UNTIL I know who you are and know you are serious. This will give me confidence that I'm not wasting a lot of time answering questions to a fake or phony person. As of right now, and if you have been reading this far, you know A LOT more about me than I know about you.

21) Question ("Comment"): I can only text or email you -OR- I can't talk much over the phone --OR- I will let you know in a few days when we can meet.

Answer: Seems like you aren't too serious and aren't looking for something real or serious either. If you are looking for a "texting" relationship or uncertain as to what exactly you want, then DO NOT contact me. If you have read this far, it should be clear to you what I am looking for.

22) Question ("Comment"): I am scared of "Internet" dating. I don't meet anyone from the Internet.

Answer: Then why are you on the "Internet" and searching here? You don't get into a car and start driving and then tell your passengers inside the car that you are afraid to drive. Either you are scared or not. Do yourself a favor. On the top right of your screen there is a "Log-Out" or "X" button. Close your screen and turn off your computer and hopefully your fear will go away soon.

23) Question ("Comment"): I am going to be evicted from my house and will be homeless soon. My parents are also going through a divorce and I have to go to Court next week.

Answer: Sounds like you have a lot of personal problems or distractions in your life at the moment. It's best to resolve whatever your personal tragedies or challenges are first and before you pursue a relationship with someone. DO NOT contact me if you are too distracted from personal matters in your life because you are not ready to be in a real/serious relationship.

24) Question ("Comment"): I have to work all this week and my school starts the week after. I am super busy and don't have time to meet or date for some time.

Answer: Similar to answer #23 above. It sounds like you don't have time for a "relationship" either which is like another "JOB." You have to be "available" and willing to set aside time to show up to the "JOB." You have to resolve whatever "outside" distractions or obstacles you have (i.e., other jobs, school, etc) so you can be available for at least 2-3 full days per week and at various times including weekends for dating, hanging out, etc. DO NOT contact me if you are too "busy" or "unavailable" because you are not ready to be in a real/serious relationship. You will not make any progress in that matter and in the area of relationships.

25) Question ("Comment"): I can't date or go out unless my parents give me permission --OR- I have to be home by 10 pm because my parents will get mad --OR- My sister is next to me right now so I can't talk on the phone.

Answer: If you are 18 or 30 years old (legal adult) and your parents or siblings still "control" your decisions, then please don't contact me. I am not looking to "babysit" anyone or let you make me feel I am with a child. You must be "free" from the decision or control of your parents, siblings or anyone else, otherwise this will interfere with the ability to focus on each other WITHOUT outside interference or distractions. This does not mean you shouldn't respect or listen to your parents or other family members or that I am unwilling to meet or talk with them. It means that you should be able to control your own decision making and not tell me "I need to get my mom or dad's permission. . ." or "I can't go out tonight because my parent's or sister won't let me. . ." and things of that sort.

26) Question ("Comment"): When you come pick me up, park down the street and not next to my house because I don't want my parents or anyone to see us --OR- I can't kiss you now because I don't want someone to see us or in the car together.

Answer: Similar to answer #25 above. It sounds like you are under the control of others and/or too immature, shy or embarrassed to be in a romantic relationships and/or concerned about "others" more than you are about "us." I am NOT looking for a "secret, discreet or immature" relationship but something "open," "romantic," "mature," "friendly" and "formal." Get it?

27) Question: Why can't you XXX?! --OR- I want to know why XXX!?.

Answer: Asking questions is fine but "arguing" is NOT attractive. You have a right to disagree BUT if your intention is to "argue," just do us both a favor and don't contact me at all. Men, in general, are TURNED-OFF by aggressive or argumentative woman BECAUSE it is characteristic of a traditional "masculine" person and NOT someone feminine. Have you heard of the "Bitch" stereotype? That's what I mean. When men date the opposite sex they don't want to feel they are with another man but with a female. If this is your style, please DO NOT contact me because we won't get along.

28) Question: I don't think I'm your type or will have any chance with you. Should I still contact you?

Answer: You are welcomed and encouraged to contact me UNLESS you are not serious, don't like or disagree with anything I have stated in this ad or profile.

** Thank you for taking the time to read my entire ad (profile) **

I swear to God, you casters are always complaining. "My manacles are too tight." "I'm feeling faint from all the starvation and shit." "Let me pee with dignity."

It's, like, welcome to a real job, princess. Jesus. You pee into your hand in small doses throughout the day and casually dump it at your feet when no one's looking, like the rest of us working stiffs.

Fuck you man playing my tennis racquet to Money For Nothing is one of my few pleasures in this shitty excuse for a world.

Watching the trailers for MGSV makes you wonder if the spirits of Dostoyevsky, Stanley Kubrick, and Caravaggio entered Hideo Kojima's body because, using the art of gaming as his canvas, he boldly goes where no one has gone before. -Nicolas Winding Refn

Turner Prize art is based on a formula where something looks startling at first and then turns out to be expressing some kind of banal idea, which somebody will be sure to tell you about. The ideas are never important or even really ideas, more notions, like the notions in advertising. Nobody pursues them anyway, because there's nothing there to pursue.

Woah dude that's deep. Bullshit, but deep.

Once upon a time, in a land they called America, a little girl was born.

This little girl was so very beautiful, so exceptional, that her loving parents named her Snow White. Truly, her lustrous black hair and limpid dark eyes were the perfect complement to her exquisite ivory skin. And as lovely as she was on the outside, she was even more beautiful within; her sweet, sunny personality absolutely melted everyone who saw her.

In her early childhood, her parents saw that she was taught all the important things – loving obedience, respect for others, politeness and ladylike behavior, and a childlike faith in God. These things she actually liked, and though she was quite playful and sunny, she exuded character and intelligence.

Then she met the Seven Dwarfs.

They’d been tagged with this name because they seemed so weird and insignificant; but they always clustered together, bound by strange, liberal and sometimes seditious beliefs. Some of them were teachers and others members of what was called a “civil liberties union.” Somehow, they steadily gained and exerted mysterious influence. Their names were Sneaky, Dopey, Smarmy, Angry, Sleazy, Grouchy and Dork.

So, as it happened, just as Snow White entered school, full of innocence and a desire to learn, the Dwarfs managed to change all the rules. They cast a spell over the real and dedicated teachers, tricking them into imbibing a seductive potion they called New Education Alternatives; it sounded so attractive that it became very popular, coming to be known by the shorter “NEA.”

Enticed by tempting promises of shorter hours, more money, lifelong tenure unrelated to performance in the classroom and even political clout as a huge voting bloc, the teachers allowed the NEA to drop very important things from the history books, to forbid absolutely any mention of God in the classroom or in essays, to promote all types of sexuality equally, even to grade-schoolers, to dictate that only evolution could be taught to explain the existence of the living world, and in general to erase any consideration of morality and American tradition.

Of course, Snow White’s parents objected strenuously. They attended PTA meetings and complained that their daughter was continuously being taught things that were diametrically opposed to what they’d taught her at home, but their complaints were dismissed out of hand. And sadly, while they did their best to counteract the evil influence of the Dwarfs, little Snow White was drawn into the pervasive spell cast over the whole school system.

When she was barely into her teens, she began to experiment sexually, first with other kids and then with one of her grown teachers. Only later was it revealed that the teacher, a woman, was actually a wicked witch! Poor Snow White had been drawn into drugs as well as sex, and she soon discovered she was pregnant. The Dwarfs were only too happy to arrange an abortion – without notifying her parents. Confused and disillusioned, Snow White moved in with the wicked witch, eventually claiming to be her “wife.”

In another part of town, in another spellbound school, a handsome young boy named Prince Charming was going through similar experiences. Snow White and Prince Charming would have made a perfect couple, as their parents would have dreamed – but under prolonged exposure to the same hypnotic spell, the boy was seduced by each of the Dwarfs and taught in the mandatory sex education class that he’d been born “gay.” When he learned he’d contracted AIDS, he overdosed on drugs that were easily obtained just outside the principal’s office, on the schoolyard.

His sorrowing parents arranged a memorial service, and everybody – including the Seven Dwarfs and the Wicked Witch – agreed he’d been just an “ideal kid,” without an enemy in the world. Except the Seven Dwarfs and the Wicked Witch.

It would be wonderful if it could be said “… and they all lived happily ever after” – but of course, that would be a lie. Too many of them didn’t even go on living very long, some struck down with insidious contagious diseases, which some tried to blame on uncaring politicians and hard-hearted, Bible-toting right-wingers.

The Dwarfs and so many of the children whose morals they’d corrupted traded honor and integrity and happiness for fatal neuroses and shorter life expectancy – while the very tradition of marriage and family dissolved and the reputation of the land called America was forever damaged. In the wake of so-called “new education alternatives,” America steadily fell behind other nations in all areas of learning, and eventually it hardly mattered if she was absorbed into something called a North American Union. This sad attempt to merge all the strengths and weaknesses of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada – became Northern Venezuela.

This all may be a fable, a fairy tale, or a nightmare. But if it’s the latter, we’d better wake up quick. Like many fairy tales and some dreams, there’s too much reality for comfort.

(4:46:13 PM) DustinGunn: russians dream of space
(4:46:53 PM) tridgor: only place less hospitable than russia

In June 2011, Red Orchestra 2's developer, Tripwire, announced they would be taking an aggressive, three-pronged approach to proactively deal with cheating.

The Egyptian priests even had a detailed guide to fighting Apep, referred to as The Books of Overthrowing Apep (or the Book of Apophis, in Greek). The chapters described a gradual process of dismemberment and disposal, and include:

Spitting Upon Apep
Defiling Apep with the Left Foot
Taking a Lance to Smite Apep
Fettering Apep
Taking a Knife to Smite Apep
Putting Fire Upon Apep

1. A Philosophical Murder
2. A Washerwoman Is Insulted
3. The Student’s Emotional Isolation Is Complete
4. The Estate Is Sold Off
5. Uuuuuughhhh
6. An Argument That Is Mostly In French
7. It’s Very Cold Out And Love Does Not Exist Also
8. The Nihilist Buffs His Fingernails While Society Crumbles
9. There Is No God
10. 400 Pages Of A Single Aristocratic Family’s Slow, Alcoholic Decline
11. Is This A Dinner Party Or Is This Hell?
12. The Wedding Is Interrupted
13. Friendship Among The Political Prisoners
14. A Lackluster Duel
15. The Countess Attempts Suicide
16. Back From Siberia, Unexpectedly
17. A Fit of Impetuousness
18. Someone Middle-Class Does Something Awful
19. A Prostitute Listens To A Ninety-Page Philosophical Manifesto
20. I Advise You To Display More Emotional Control In The Future
21. The Manservant Dies Alone
22. Is This A Murder Mystery Or An Exploration Of The Nature Of Religious Faith? Turns Out, A Little Bit Of Both
23. The Mayor Tells A Self-Serving Lie
24. The Countess Finds Religion
25. New Political Waves of Liberalism, Radicalism, and Nihilism Wash Over Russia
26. The Time When We Might Have Found Happiness Together Has Passed

i love how the bad guy guards you're supposed to kill in watch dogs are all identified as like "suspected human trafficker" or "puppy torturer" and then after you kill them all you're scanning the corpses and there's one guy whose like "charity jogger"

Hi folks,
All I know is my portfolio just keeps going Ca Ching Ca Ching. It will continue to do so even as the complainers complain and are threatening to kill themselves by jumping out of their parents basement window.

FUCK SALVIA THAT SHIT IS INTENSE...too intense for me( first 3 times that shit did nothing for me) the 4th and last time i did it it fucked me up bad. first times i smoked it out of a pipe with a norm lighter, 4th time i smoked it outa bong with a butane lighter and whent to the moon. like since the fist times did nothing i took a huge rip outa the bong i started goin light headed and leand back into the couch and blacked out, when i opend my eyes i was being ripped thru this time dimesion it felt as if i fucked up and was trapped in this portal of doors and colors(although this sounds awsome belive me it was sooo scary)then it stops in sitting around a lake with all the people that was in the room smokin this shit with me and it seems so real i talk to my friends and everything when all of a sudden a huge hand rips the top of my head inside out and drags me thru this desert.and sends me to all these dif places thru that time portal i was talking about earlyer.as i was being dragged i saw all these images ive seen at dif times of my life and it seems as this is never goin to end so i sum how find my arms and grab one of the sides of the portal,the hand is too powerfull and just keeps ripping me backwards as my arms get streached and fingure nails get riped off.and then i finally get the stregth to pull myself back into the room i was smoking the salvia in(but it was crazy it was like i was a peice of gum forming myself back to human form) when i got back to reality i felt extreamly drunk and my friends said i was retarded i just looked at them said sum jeberish and whent face first to the carpet and started to try and crawl thru it. so i say fuck that shit

Walt Jr asks why they never told him. Why? Maybe they knew you would go apeshit and call 911, kid.

The Dexter team outdid itself. Some folks would say “This show is as shitty as it can possibly be, so now we can rest on our laurels.” But not Scott Buck and his team. They never stop striving to create the most offensively stupid show on television.

My dad was my "Friend" on XBOX360. After he died, his avatar would still be there waving at me and smiling. It made me so sad, I deleted it.

That insult, you know, he… It was crazy ’cause I felt like he was making a mockery of me over Twitter, so [I tweeted], “Joe follow me. I’m a supporter of you. Check me out. Let’s do some work.” He didn’t follow me. I’m like, “Okay, Joe, I’m getting very emotional right now. I feel like you’re making fun of me. Follow me.” He didn’t follow me, I said, “Fine, Joe, I’m a better lyricist than you. You cannot see me lyrically.” Then he started tweeting, like, “Ooh, really,” he’s like, “I wouldn’t wanna be dissed by somebody that looked like Jesus,” and really making fun of me. And you know, I’m thinking in my head Joe Budden is really a worthy opponent ’cause a lot of people aren’t worthy of me to address them. He’s worthy of me to address and so, I destroyed him and you know, it’s done now.

I'd say "who?" in a derogatory way, but your hipster brain would then descend into orgasmic pleasure.

I died three years ago and I wrote this comment. Believe in yourself and anything is possible!

>imagine giving interviews to local radio shows about how i write my songs and stuff
>come across as a really down to earth cool guy
>never written a song in my life

Cool i get to post my fantasy

I play all of Filth, i've had so many dreams of this. I have it all planned out. I cut the lights in the gym. We all walk on stage and don't say anything. Just me and a few friends standing on stage. I take my shirt off and expose my young Iggy Pop body. Turn up the amps all the way. Deafening everyone at the first note of Stay Here, by the end of the song, no one knows whats going on or why i am screaming for them to flex their muscles but the doors are locked so tough shit. But before they have time to think we start playing Power For Power, by now teachers are yelling at us to get off the stage. Ignore them completely and finish the song. It's ten minutes into our set, and played two five minute songs, how rude! Follow up with Freak, shortest and most aggressive song on the album. we completely stayed past the allotted time, but we don't give a fuck, we play Big Strong Boss all the way through. By now people are trying to force us off the stage, tension is rising and small mosh pits are starting, not because its cool but because these people don't know what else to do. We lock the doors to the stage so no one can get up the stage unless they climb, and midway playing Weakling we are kicking people off the stage who are trying to get up. I've become teenage Gira. Now about 15 minutes through the set, we play Wrong Right, because i'm still busy kicking people off the stage. By the end of the song, something happens. The crowd is stuck in some type of Stockholm syndrome, so we start playing Gang because its fitting. We start to wrap things up, we play Blackout. All doors are closed, its about 35C in the room, everyone is completely drenched in sweat, and either standing there awkwardly or standing at the front paying attention. A few kids try to dance, but i through the acoustic guitar that fat chick used when she was playing Adele at them because that's fucking stupid. We close with Thank You which i think is fitting and tasteful.

This is the natural evolution of the internet, bringing together a Triforce of Dicks, Code and a healthy dose of Four Loko.

Yep, that simplistic, bumper sticker style rationalization must be it.

No. It's utterly unnecessary to go above 100; it's too many. It would become mud. As I was saying, the 85 was enough. Originally the piece was supposed to be for 2,000 guitars. This wasn't my idea; it was commissioned for the millennium festival in Paris. And my agent thought it would be a cool idea to purpose to the French government 2,000 guitars for the year 2000. Personally I thought the idea was absurd beyond belief. But when they gave me a $50,000 commission to write the piece, I wasn't going to say no.

if you think the dark souls lore is vague, wait 'til you see the earth's

what if u had an identical twin that did porn and u like went to the grocery and theyre like “omg i saw u take 3 dicks at once while wearing a turtle costume” and ur like “god dammit gary”

I've seen homoerotic Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction written with the same solemnity as a funeral oration.

And some accept that there's value in what we're doing, even if it's done by and for a bunch of selfish, bigoted, short-sighted jackasses.

(7:09:37 AM) Kvalsternacka: He was part of a metal band at one point
(7:09:53 AM) Kvalsternacka: Thing is, he did not play any instrument, he was just the band mime
(7:10:07 AM) Kvalsternacka: With the french get up + mime/corpsepaint

When you think about it, serving a cannibal a person for dinner as a means to catch them is entrapment anyway.

The true story of success for start-up is in this who pay the Pizza. If a banker tells you a loan. Show him your gun.

Well, it's literally two compressed bales of garbage. You'll agree instantly that this is not achieving the objective of beautifying the city and improving the commercial area, because it's literally two bales of garbage sitting on the corner.

Many people know that ladybugs are good for gardens since they eat many disgusting pests. What many people don't know about ladybugs however is that they are also the official currency of Peru.

vafl'a ~ vafl'a (female, noun) † flying dick The stress should be on tke last syllaby or it should be translated as "vafer". "vafl'a" is a mystic, fairy object. According to legend when someone stands with his mouth opened for too long it quickly flies into (see "lovit' vafly"). It's oftten used to name different flying objects, especialy zeppelins.

"Jayden" reached peak popularity in a year when forty of the top 1,000 names for newborn American boys rhymed with "Aiden." Names like Braden, Hayden, Kaden, Raiden, Zaiden and, yes, Jayden.

The Chinese appreciate basketball almost as much as Americans. They have an extensive basketball league and their colleges take the game seriously. Some would even say that the Chinese take basketball more seriously than we do in America. We invented the sport and they perfected it. Maybe that's because in China there is no word for "slam dunk." All efforts are team efforts.

I don't watch basketball, collegiate or otherwise, but I did play basketball for a year in high school, so I have developed an understanding of the fundamentals. These days I play squash, which has given me a good appreciation of athletic culture. And it stinks. Watching a Goldman-Sachs banker sitting naked and texting someone in the locker room does not give me much hope for this current generation of athletes.

I recall a time when men wore neckties when they played basketball. What is happening these days is more like the animals from opposing zoos being set loose on each other on a basketball court. There are many American words for slam dunk and I promise you, by the end of watching a single collegiate basketball game, they will all have been used several times.

Showboating? Been there. Done that. I took trick shots at the hoop. I "sunk a floater" into the "old rascal patch" in my day. I sure thought I was cool at the time, but I was really the opposite of cool. I was drool, as an MTV person might say.

Americans used to be special. We used to understand the particular ideals that set us apart from the rest of the world. Why don't men wear hats at the store? Those times were sexist and racist, admittedly, and it is good that we are no longer sexist and racist in this country, but the men in those days got things done. They aimed high and they achieved.

Men with big ideas rolled up their sleeves and stared out windows at rainy cities they helped to build. They smoked at their desk, because there was not time for a smoke break, and they touched their secretaries however they pleased. Which is not to say that it was a good thing that the secretaries were not allowed to be Jewish or non-white, only that it is a fact that they weren't Jewish or non-white and at around that same time America went to the moon.

A team effort is all well and good if you have a team of bounce ball experts. When it comes to the international stage, sometimes the world needs a dunkman. It can't always be team fundamentals. Vladimir Putin understands this. When you go to that hoop you need to be willing to go vertical and foul whoever it takes to get that big air.

There is a reason you cannot go to the United Nations and ask for a slam dunk.

When it comes to international diplomacy, playing safe and hanging out by the free throw line to make some technical "bucket shots" is not going to win the game. You have to be aggressive and masculine. Like men used to be in the 1950s and like men, apparently, still are in Russia.

My prediction for so-called March Madness is as follows:

Yale will defeat Harvard for the championship title and maybe, if we learn to understand the limitations of freedom in a working society, and Barack Obama can put aside his petty animosity and learn to work with Republicans, we might be able to teach Vladimir Putin a thing or two about hoopgame.

This guys is literally shat upon by everyone at some point in this movie.
I think that, by the time I'd have heard the word "amateur" for the 10th time, this might turn into a grindhouse film about a male model going bad and murdering everybody. There'd be sick designer shots of him posing on top of piles of dead bodies with perfume or something. Get on it, Tarantino.

I once killed a man and hid this fact for a long time... until someone found out. I was paranoid, knowing that someone would come after me for killing someone who tried to KILL ME. However, I always knew that deep inside I had this lust for the blood spilled on the ground... this song made me realize who I am. I am now a fugitive serial killer, thank you disney.

Last time I hooped in Moore Gym I was guarding a dude with no socks on and he did a spin move and a smashed Mcdouble fell out his pocket.

Fred Phelps was a man that saw the world hate itself and decided to go so far over the line that it brought people together in their hatred of him.

He wasn't the hero we wanted but he was the hero we deserved

I'm 34, married and can't do drugs anymore. Life sucks. Listening to this song NOT being fucked up on LSD in some horrid seedy bar people watching and smoking is just painful. I am the ghost of your future you little shits.

Most of the laugh tracks you hear while watching television were recorded in the 1950’s which means a lot of the people you hear are dead.

(12:13:58 AM) FARTRON: Microsoft remains 'extremely committed' to Xbox, says Phil Spencer
(12:14:14 AM) eva: y did they need to say that
(12:15:24 AM) FARTRON: probably because they aren't

The first passion you'll lose for is for party's - oh yeah, the day you want to "take a break" from weekend kegger's with your friend is the day when this cycle begin - aging. Trust me, "taking a break" will increase exponentially with time and the list of friends will drop from 100 to maybe 10 within 10 years and ultimately it's just you, your wife, kids and the dog and maybe that one friend who comes over to smoke some weed with you in the basement. I don't think I'm getting happier but in fact more jaded. The weed gives me back the edge but who knows, maybe the weed will lose it's novelty too and I'll have to start on the bath salts in my 70's just to feel alive. Basically I'm not convinced that men in their 70's have dementia. I think it's bath salts.

As the title suggests Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God is a rosy, heartwarming (heck, smoldering) tale to read aloud on a winter’s eve. Sit the children by the fire and wrap them up real cozy while they sip their marshmallowed cocoa – because Child of God is a treat the entire family can enjoy. Each chapter is short so have some fun while you take turns reading. And after the kids are tucked away in dreamland, well, perhaps you and the lovely Missus can reenact some of the narrative’s spicier scenes. Child of God conjures up a mythical Tennessee awash in mysterious floods; peopled by kindly carnival folk, mountain gnomes, goofy halfwits, teens entangled in backseat romances, odd and lovable children, necrophiliacs, and of course our hero Lester Ballard; a man in search of love and identity. A fascinating and insightful treatise on how we live in the world that will have you slapping your knees while shaking your head in wonder.

(6:18:23 PM) googoogjoob: Now, every one that follows Jay-Z already knows the story of his buddy getting out of jail and learning about Jay-Z taking part in gay orgies with top people in Hollywood.
(6:18:43 PM) googoogjoob: Jay-Z loves Satan and thanks Satan every day for his blessings.
(6:19:01 PM) googoogjoob: Jay-Z and his male friend tried & succeeded to have a baby together by having sex (double penetration) with the same female, at the same time and they both planned to ejaculate into her simultaneously. So, Jay-Z has another baby that he shares with another man.
(6:19:25 PM) googoogjoob: How do I know about these details? Because everyone in Hollywood has an Illuminati file and I used to have access to these files.

what else we can listen with this idea? our skin? our pets? gems?

She's too pretty to jack to. Even in my fantasies she doesn't want me.

I had a woman offer to blow me after I caught a drumstick at the end of a System of a Down set, right after Toxicity came out.
This is one of the more extreme examples of the effectiveness of trickle-down banging.
God bless you Reagan.

you ave destroyed our scrabble board EA so angry with you

This project was created at a Wearable Tech Hackathon in London. We asked ourselves: "How can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass?" This is our answer.

I appreciate your remarks, but I have a hard time believing that anyone would like my art. I will definitely die without recognition, and few will ever see the work I do. But I like it that way a lot!! One of the worst things a person can get in life is recognition. But a scalp rash is very, very bad as well. I have had some serious scalp rashes, and I also have thrown up blood quite a few times along the way.

Does your “perspective” that wasn’t left in the article do anything productive for anyone to learn from? Will anyone really read your point of view and walk away from it changed for the better? Needless to say the ideas expressed were childishly moronic and unnecessary. Kind of like someone saying, “Einstein was a genius.” and you’d walk in and add, “Yes, but it’s extremely important and crucial that everyone understands, Einstein was not a genius at cooking! Or Soccer! Or Cubism!” as though it serves any value at all. Who exactly would serve to gain from your clout, had it been included?

the ham is melting, the turkey is suspended in midair, the salami is hatching from its own egg. why did we even come to the salvador deli

I want dark plot twists, murder, suicide and bizarre sex. All on the same page if possible.

Question 1

What does it take to qualify someone as a legitimate badass?

It seems that an amateur wrestling career or a MMA career automatically qualify a wrestler to be a legitimate badass. What other sports, martial arts and activities qualify one to be a legitimate badass?

Question 2

What level must one have achieved in their field of badassery to qualify as a legitimate badass?

Does as wrestler have to have reached national or international level to be considered a legitimate badass?

in an interview when they say "any questions" is it ok to ask "Why work here when I can rub one out 5 times a day in my home office?"

Age: 20 Location: U.S. Description: I play the cello, tennis, basketball, and make games. I've wanted to make games ever since I was like 12. And once I started using GM, I got more and more into it. It has all lead up to me creating my masterpiece: Nazi Zombies 3D

Your First Name of: Daikatana

Below is a brief analysis of the first name only. For an analysis of your full name and destiny, see our full free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.

- Your name of Daikatana has given you a practical, efficient, and capable nature, with a desire to participate in business ventures.
- Able to see how the details of a situation fit into the overall picture, you have good judgment regarding anything of a practical or technical nature.
- You are efficient, and capable of carrying a lot of responsibility, but your nature is so serious that personal association suffers.
- You demand as much from others as you do from yourself.
- It is difficult for you to merge your nature with others to create understanding, or to show love and tenderness to those close to you.
- You experience much misunderstanding and unhappiness in your personal life as a result.
- Tension would affect the stomach and intestinal tract, and you could suffer with constipation, growths, or serious female disorders.

"Nicole Wong, the nation’s deputy chief technology officer (and former chief privacy lawyer for Google), emphasizes the government’s good intention: “We’re trying to prevent another Boston bombing,” she says."

Well, you failed so I'm afraid it's not a very good argument.

to me, super metroid is a really deep metaphor. Samus represents TrapThem, and mother brain is the video game industry, unaware, angry, rampant, sending its space pirates to cause harm to planets, and TrapThem is a powerful force of nature, changing, destroying, reviving the game industry. I am thankful for how TrapThem changed my life. I can now be a smug sunglasses smiley from 1995.

Fourth Wave feminism will occur in digital hyperspaces, amalgamating theory and activism into a new heterotopic praxis in which all previous feminist waves are subsumed (see also Gossip Girl xxoo).

Well, you are THE videogame reviewer of the entire Internet. Your word spreads across the land and determines if the flowers bloom or if the cattle rot. Your points are the tears of life itself. Your reviews create micro-universes.

Big picture thinking: Senior communities could they be better? Of course they could!

Court refuses trial by combat
By David Sapsted 12:01AM GMT 16 Dec 2002

A court has rejected a 60-year-old man's attempt to invoke the ancient right to trial by combat, rather than pay a £25 fine for a minor motoring offence.
Leon Humphreys remained adamant yesterday that his right to fight a champion nominated by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was still valid under European human rights legislation. He said it would have been a "reasonable" way to settle the matter.
Magistrates sitting at Bury St Edmunds on Friday had disagreed and instead of accepting his offer to take on a clerk from Swansea with "samurai swords, Ghurka knives or heavy hammers", fined him £200 with £100 costs.
Humphreys, an unemployed mechanic, was taken to court after refusing to pay the original £25 fixed penalty for failing to notify the DVLA that his Suzuki motorcycle was off the road.
After entering a not guilty plea, he threw down his unconventional challenge. Humphreys, from Bury St Edmunds, said: "I was willing to fight a champion put up by the DVLA, but it would have been a fight to the death."

For instance, Susan McClary has found Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony a musical hymn to rape, which will no doubt surprise all those with less androphobic ears, who hear something quite different in it, something of cosmic grandeur. Says McClary, “The point of recapitulation in the first movement of the Ninth is one of the most horrifying moments in music… which finally explodes in the throttling, murderous rage of a rapist…” Sounds almost as bad as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, doesn’t it?

Although I write a lot of satire, I didn’t make this up. You can find McClary’s analysis in Minnesota Composers’ Forum Newsletter, January 1987. She also doesn’t like Western classic music in general, because of its “phallic violence” and “pelvic pounding.”

I insist I did not invent McClary or any of her ravings. Honest to God. Some Femigogues just happen to sound like satire when you quote them verbatim. As for the female masterpieces set against old Ludwig, they only appear inferior, the Feminist revisionists say, because all of us have had our perceptions warped by the “patriarchal brainwashing” of our “phallocentric” culture. (“All of us” includies many female art critics, like Camille Paglia, who angrily claims this argument has crossed the line to an idiot caricature of Feminism) Maybe we all need a long de-programming at a Feminist re-education camp. Then we will realize that Hildegarde of Bingen not only outclassed Beethoven but wrote more first-rate music than Mozart, Bach and Scott Joplin together, and without any rape fantasies creeping in.

Give blood. Doesn't matter where you got the blood or who you give it to. Just give blood.

A friend of mine lived out in the country for a while, and this was a rampant problem. You couldn't leave your car unlocked when you went out, or you'd come back and find it full of zucchini.

I don't get the KKK. I can understand having one type of prejudice, like racism, because in all honesty, prejudices are a matter of taste. But having all kinds of prejudices like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.? Why? Having one type of prejudice can be just chalked off to personal bullshit. But virtually all of them? It's like they're deliberately trying to be dicks.

Raps blow a must lose game. Brutal. Those are the kinds of games you can't afford to win if you want to be successful in today's NBA.

11. Figure out what you can do better than (a) a computer (that gets better, smarter and more capable every year), and (b) highly motivated Asians

Dwarves, especially babies, have an almost supernatural talent for finding ways to get washed down drains. Putting grates over any drainage holes, no matter how unlikely they seem, will reduce tantrums by grieving parents. Cutting corners by installing floor bars will allow child-sized dwarves to fall through, washed away to a whimsical wonderland of underground marvels where they will eventually join the circus, eat cotton candy, and play with delightful clowns. What Fun.

Film industry is brotastic trainwreck. Major comics done by 90 yo pornstars for 80 yo sex offenders. They are fine now. Sure, major game development is controlled by monkeys, but indies going to save us. I mean, if you watch indie scene there are many cool innovative games, like that pixelated roguelike platformer or that pixelated roguelike game. Also, next year that cool roguelike going to come out, so indies leading industry forward.

Sometimes I feel bad for being such a piece of shit. Then I remember that alcohol, movies, and video games exist and I get lost in the world of dumbed down drunkenness as I play video games and watch movies.

I played Burnout fucking Paradise for 130 hours when I was depressed just because I thought it would be hilarious for people to find out that I'm a fucking burnout and I play a game called Burnout Paradise

I'm japanese... BUT this is too japanese

Switched my Siri settings to a male gendered voice. Something about tying a female voice to an object that I "use" seems to reinforce societal objectification.

I think I hate Seinfeld. I'm from NJ but I go in to the city a few times a week for work. Everyone I work with tries to act like they are, in fact, Jerry Seinfeld. They try to make the most mundane situations into a mountain of awkwardness and boring comedy. Does every New Yorker do this? Am I the only one who's noticed this?

"you can't read this while listening to music, trust me"

Actually you can but I recommend the music of anti-essentialists, Phoenicia's "Brownout" is an excellent soundtrack to the plateau on the refrain. The text of the book is the opsign of time-images, music, or, rather, sound, of deterritorialisation is the sonsign. Fittingly, the releases from Germany's Mille Plateaux label are really good for reading these works.

Mort Walker (of Beetle Bailey) once wrote about the censor at United Features (King Features? Can't remember), whose job was to find any questionable items in comic strips and cut them out with a razor blade. Cartoonists called him "the pecker checker." He had a particular fear of belly buttons on women in bikinis, and so whenever Walker submitted a strip featuring a woman on the beach, he would cut their navels out. He kept the little bits of paper with dots on them in a cardboard box called "Beetle Bailey's Belly Button Box."

At some point, Walker declared all-out war and ran a Sunday strip in which Camp Swampy received a gigantic shipment of oranges. The oranges had navels. The pictures of girls on the orange crates had navels. It was too much, and the censorship of belly buttons was ended.

So long as I get to claim my virtual waifu and our 30 virtual children as tax deductions, I don't really care if I can't touch her.

My personal feelings about the issue aside, the biggest cause of the discussion itself is probably the player base. Roguelikes attract controlling, meticulous personalities. You might as well ask a room full of advanced OCD folks to jointly determine the optimum pepperoni layout on a pizza.

Sometimes I cover myself in vasline and pretend I'm a slug. Great way to deal with stress.

I Love this illustration you posted, it is filled with Disney Patriarchal programming…. "The Lion King", the male lion cub is more colorful, the illustration is much more defined, his teeth more defined, he is larger, his eyes are more expressive, eyebrows darker and more expressive, the female illustration is washed out, she has no sparkle in her eyes like the male lion has, overall she is drawn to depict a weaker image, not equal at all. In reality in a lion pride the females do all the work, the males are just poseurs who mate with them and act omnipresent, it is so typical of the way things run on this planet… Time for an upgrade where this is not an issue anymore for our species. Most of the women who are quoted in this have used their sexuality to get ahead in their careers, as soon as I read the names who have done that they were dismissed from my mind, sorry, any female can use that route, it is so easy to spread ones legs for fame and fortune.

the creative act is one born from the marriage of inspiration and perspiration; but as the former is a flighty bitch we really must rely on perspiration, eh? and boatloads of concentration. so gallons of coffee work as a kind of 'insperspiration' to my easily-influenced system: 1. it fights off the ADHD and focuses me (not to mention mucho perspiration), and 2. it offers an initial euphoria giving way to a kind of mindfuckededness which, for me, paves the road to inspiration.

The 2002 TV movie It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie features the twin towers in an alternate reality where an angel shows Kermit the Frog what the world would be like had he never been born.

This book is not about coming up with the truth, or with understanding how things really work, or anything like that. It's about pointing out that the emperor is not only naked but standing on his head and juggling. Baudrillard is eternally fun as long as you don't take him too seriously. Let his insanity wash over you like a flood and turn off your reality filters for a while. Let him ask all the questions P. K. Dick does, only in greater and weirder detail. What is real? What is a commodity? Why are some things valuable? Things have no value outside of their relationship to other things... and sometimes, relationships and ideas are the only real commodity, hollow fronts for a system with no foundation in the real world at all. Could you have science without testing things against what is real? Can you simply study unreal things forever, producing paper after paper, all logically consistent but studying something that ultimately doesn't exist?

All of Baudrillard since he stopped his Marxist tirade has been a wildly funny and insightful parade of wrong ideas. Enjoy it, be altered by it, and then go back to your regularly scheduled Nike shoe purchase.

In Postal 2, in fact, it is conceivably possible to chop off a random bystander's arm, then chase them down and subdue them to self-wetting pain and terror with a taser attack, douse them with gasoline, and burn them to a hideous char before dousing the flames with urine, step on the victim's back and "ride" them as they try to crawl, sobbing, away, and finally finish them off with a dose of anthrax... and then decapitate the body, kick the head around city streets like a soccer ball (sending other bystanders who see it into hysterics), before crushing the thing with a sledgehammer like a hellish Gallagher, splattering brains all about. Yeah. And this is a game that, technically, you could complete without harming anyone.

The amount of malice in this thread is actually causing me some concern. I mean, chaining up mothers and forcing them to breed, just so we can drown their children to harvest their organs? Does this strike no one else as absolutely horrific?

What you consider female devs? Only the programmers? Then the majority is male.
But also the support staff, QA, catering, cleaning, secretaries, middle managers?

A woman was angry at a duck because it rejected her so she killed it.

Karie Lindgren, 36, of Tarpon Springs, Florida, was arrested on Saturday, after she killed a duck with her car because the animal rejected her advances.

According to police, Lindgren became angry when she tried to lure the duck to her with a piece of candy, but the duck refused to get close to the woman.

Witnesses said that about 5:40 p.m., Lindgren “stalked the duck” in an attempt to get the duck to like her and to come close to her, but the duck would have no part of it.

She then got into a car, drove across a lawn at a high speed, and struck the animal with her vehicle.

Natalie Paraskevopoulos said she came out of her home to find the dead duck in her driveway. She also found tire tracks on her front yard.

Paraskevopoulos said that the ducks were in the neighborhood since they were ducklings, and people treated them as pets.

“It was just really upsetting to see the duck that way,” Paraskevopoulos said.

Officers were called to the scene and found the dead duck laying on the driveway.

After hearing from witnesses, Lindgren was arrested and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She was charged with animal cruelty.

She was released after posting $5,000 bond.

Matilda Is All Grown Up And Has Some Very Wise Sex Advice For You

The foundation of the web development is the identification of a user's intentions and ideas of the web to build up the strength to do his web

We used to get to make stupid mistakes in a small circle of friends, family, or co-workers, who I'm sure told this girl first how wrong she was. Unfortunately with the internet every mistake is judged by the world to the extreme, and deemed a capital crime. With internet anonymity so many people so have become mean, nasty, and/or violent, and are crawling the Earth trying to find rationale for being such.

Necrophilia in animals is where a living animal engages in a sexual act with a dead animal. In one of the most well-known examples, Kees Moeliker of the Rotterdam Natural History Museum, Netherlands observed sexual activities[96] outside his office between a live duck and a dead one. Two male mallards which Moeliker believed were engaged in rape flight, a common motif in duck sexual behaviour, collided with his window. "When one died the other one just went for it and didn't get any negative feedback—well, didn't get any feedback," according to Moeliker, who described the event as "homosexual necrophilia." The case was reported scientifically in Deinsea 8-2001, along with photos,[97] and earned Moeliker an Ig Nobel Prize in biology, awarded for research that cannot or should not be reproduced.[98]

In later years his behavior became quite eccentric. Though he had been an active cyclist in his youth, his health seriously declined in his sixth decade. During this time Heaviside would sign letters with the initials "W.O.R.M." after his name. Heaviside also reportedly started painting his fingernails pink and had granite blocks moved into his house for furniture.

The Left Hand Path isn't just for Luciferians and rebellious teenagers. It's also a scenic year-round travel destination, famous for its sunny graveyards and relaxing lava beds.

Sup, my name is Ashe. I am a Rock singer, married to a victorias secret model, former US Marine sniper and football player at SMU, and.... avid gamer.

Blackwater, Academi, it doesn't matter. Evil has many names: Lucifer, Satan, Deceiver, Blackwater, Academi.

Tho I freaking adore GD&TOP, I don't like this song... Please dear oppas, stick to meaningful kpop lyrics...

Don't underestimate my build. My Unarmed skill is 100, there's 10 points in strength and endurance and on top of 30 damage threshold without armor I survived even the worst nightmares in all digital wastelands.

Call me Nyte Blayde and I spare you this time. Or succeed in a speech check (80) that'll enable you to kill me after we had sex in the presidential suite.

It's kind of a long term strategy, but here you go. Every time a penny passes through your hands, stick it up your ass. And then spend it. Every day for the past 11 years, I’ve stuck $30 dollars in pennies up my ass. I use them for everything: cab rides, movie theater, groceries.

That’s a lot of ass pennies I’ve got out there my friend. And here’s where the magic comes in: When I meet with someone who intimidates me, who put me on edge, a real hard-ass, I just think to myself they’ve probably handled one of my ass pennies. In fact they probably have one in their pocket right then. That just seems to give me the upper hand. I mean, hey, I haven’t touched anything that was in their ass.

Grown-up money makes you a grownup. Poor people have to worry about malaria and civil oppression. We have to worry about which smartphone to buy. That doesn't make it illegitimate. And three guys shitpost, and then it blows up into feminism.

Buy the right pants, attract the right girl, family, video games, and life. Using an NES controller as a necklace and staff head together is tacky. Be consistent. Take it to heart. That's romantic. Girls dig romance. Is it fun? Or just conceited nostalgia?

I've had periods in my life when I was surrounded by friends, and periods when I wasn't. It is easy to trivialize something until you've been there. No woman is perfect but you can be honest with anyone, given enough courage and practice, and that is very enlightening. Hey Baby, grown men cry.

Or do you tough face around your woman so she knows how big you are down there? I always choose wrong, then get all ego-manly about it.

Being the best requires innovation too. You can't enjoy the playing of a guitar right away because you would need practice first. Well, they are people robots, right?

Think of it this way. You want to buy a sweater. There are 4 entirely different options. Go to sweater school? Or just try them on?

What I am suggesting is hard to do. It is easy to rationalize away the exploratory research stage. But you will pay the price for it. This is me talking to the naive version of myself. There is no escape. Just like a dude-bro defending his "property," you're going to have to come across conflicts to get what you want.

So what do you do? Make sure you never hit on a girl that has a protector, even if she's single? Where does that fear get you? You're gonna get in somebody's way sometimes. It happens. It happens to everyone. If you care about what you are doing, and aren't deliberately being an asshole, you'll get through. You might have to get a little scared first, but eventually the girl goes with the right guy, eventually - some girl. The important thing is you like them, and don't pretend you understand something you don't.

There's always hope.

>tfw sister drank the last of the cherry coke
>tfw my best friend is my cat
>tfw I'd be happier if I were dead
>tfw Chik-fil-a near me closed

Puh-fucking-lease. The pharmaceutical companies are going to buttfuck this technology damn near out of existence just like every other cure for all the recent major diseases. Us poor fucking losers are going to continue to get old, fat and miserable because when that shit happens we end up getting chronic diseases and paying out the ass to have them fixed. And that shit is profitable. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you're going to have celebrities like Brad Pitt and Zoey Deschanel and the fucking Kardashian family running around like a bunch of goddamn woodland nymphs, fucking up a storm with our youngins while we're shilling out for viagra so we can get it up to beat off, and painkillers so our horrible diseases only hurt enough for us to cry ourselves to sleep, as opposed to offing ourselves which is totally unprofitable. Motherfucker, you got a lot of learning to do.

Why don't you go favorite another Entourage clip you poor taste-having, average motherfucker. I hope you meet Madvillian one day and he calls you a cunt.

I don't know about you guys, but I'd feel like a quitter if I just gave up my virginity after this long.

I identify with Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts because he is quiet, has trouble talking too girls, and he hates his mother who is an evil bitch and he has strong internal magical power. He does not take any shit from anyone because he is a super badass. He is also a dark warrior. I don't think they have Aspergers Syndrome on spira but if they did I bet he would be diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome because he shares many of the traits, for example, he is very introspective, detail oriented, intelligent, and he stabs people with a sword.

One time that expresses my Sephirothity is when this kid called me a douche and I gave an evil laugh and told him that when the Reunion came he would be first to get burned by the flames of justice. Then i glared at him and my hair fell over my eyes so i couldn't see what he did but i think he was really scared because he kept making these yelping noises.

This thread really hits close to home for me because I do not believe this is mere coincidence, but all signs point to the reality that I am actually one of the Sephiroth clones. If you never played Kingdom Hearts 2, there is a part where all of the Sephiroth clones meet together at the Tree of Mana to sing the Song of Time which summons Deus to Gaia and you fight him and find out that he is actually Locke's father.

So there are a whole bunch of Citan clones, called 'The Organization' who you don't know exactly who they are because they wear black cloaks all the time. Sure, this all takes place in a video game created by Square-Eidos (a.k.a. video game gods) but the ancient philosopher Plato once wrote that all video games are based on a reality that we cannot experience, and by that logic it makes perfect sense. This is the most compelling reason: I have had this song that I sang my whole life that I thought I made up and then twenty years later I realised it was the Song of Spirits.

It sent a chill down my spine and at that moment I realised that I am actually Tidus Highwind Leonhart Tingle XVII, aka #14 the 14th clone of Zelgadis (the one who has the most hidden powers and he was so powerful that they had to wipe his memory and send him to live with a middle class family who are not actually my parents, just captors who were told to be as mean as possible in order to suppress my powers)

I am sorry I wrote so much, it is just really hard to stay silent about a topic that is so close to my heart. I think me and the OP are kindred spirits, perhaps you too are a reincarnation of Link.

I found that the best way to meet new people is to have a good hat. Not a baseball cap, but an honest-to-god hat. Make it an interesting one, and people will line up to meet you.

I bought a lime-green fedora the summer before my senior year and wore it everywhere. It came to the point where I couldn't step out for a smoke without people just walking up and talking to me about just about anything. If I broke out my pipe for a smoke, the numbers would double. Seriously, whatever you can do to make yourself interesting (or at least look interesting, but it really helps if you have something to say), will be a good thing to have.

He spent so much time thinking of an awesome thing to say when he got caught spying he forgot not to be the worst spy in history.

The crowd funding effort for Chris Roberts' Star Citizen has raked in more than eighteen million dollars so far. Of course it has. A modern space combat sim from the creator of Wing Commander couldn't be more popular if it featured zombies and randomly generated blocks covered in horrible pixel textures.

Now the Star Citizen team has announced a new stretch goal, promising to add first person on-foot combat if they hit the $20 million mark. Why end there? The game is on track to rake in significantly more money, so why not add more stretch goals to match the potential funding?

$22 Million
There are now over 1,000 square miles of additional empty space.

$25 Million
Every craft in the game now has a startup sequence that involves the pilot turning a key and muttering "come on you stupid son of a..." as the ship coughs out a stubborn car engine noise.

$32 Million
Each alien race will now have an actual distinct design to set it apart from other species. No more human models wearing sunglasses imprinted with the words "Cool Alien".

$40 Million
There is no longer a fog that obscures everything further than 50 feet from the cockpit ala Turok Dinosaur Hunter. This fog has been replaced by a luxurious satin curtain.

$60 Million
After an engagement with enemy forces, you will be brought to a fascinating mini game. It's basically the part from those Fight Night games where you control a hand as it rubs the open wounds on your gross potato face.

$100 Million
A vastly more detailed universe! We have populated space with over 80 journals. Learn the fate of an explorer who at first seems naive and flippant about a potential danger, then grows increasingly concerned about his predicament over time! Taking a page from Skyrim, we have also added hundreds of caves, each populated by a handful of spaceships to shoot.

$400 Million
The game's introductory logo movies have been replaced with the Wing Commander film in its entirety.

$600 Million
The magic system will be reworked, going from a fun extra to a rich feature that serves as a core pillar of the gameplay experience. We're talking about ice magic, blood magic, fire magic, charm spells, AOEs, heals, you name it.

$800 Million
Every cockpit seat now features a lever which, when activated, allows the pilot to recline.

$1 Billion
Fully realized third person cover shooting. Just bring your ship close to a space crate and hit A, or press the spacebar if you insist on using a keyboard. The view will pull back, enabling you to either blindfire or pop out to deliver a quick aimed shot. If the screen turns red and you hear a heartbeat sound, hide until you're healed!

$5 Billion
Space stations and enemy ships are no longer 2D sprites, but textured models. You know, like in the original Star Fox.

$8 Billion
Did somebody say Chewbaccas???

$12 Billion
In addition to going in forward and reverse as well as rotating up and down, all spacecraft can now turn to the left or right.

$17 Billion
More realistic sound design. If you stick your unprotected head out of your ship's cockpit and into the vacuum of space, you won't hear a thing. Unless there's an explosion. Or a laser zapping nearby. Or the scream of an engine.

$20 Billion
All players start the game with unlimited money, all ships unlocked, all content completed, and all enemies killed.

$20 Billion and a signed copy of Spawn #1
We're scrapping everything and turning this sucker into a MOBA. All backers will get a hand-written note thanking them for the money and for understanding our decision.

Batman and Superman are the “Michael Phelps” and “Ryan Lochte” of superheroes!

Rejection of Perfection.

The concept 'perfection', in gay zombies, is often obfuscated with the concept of 'imperviousness and indestructability': while similar, they are not the same, and this concept confusion weakens the theme and is their ultimate flaw. Compare "Zombies don't need perfection, their imperfection is what it is to be human," and "Zombies don't need indestructablity, the possibility to be destroyed is what it is to be human." The latter is true, the former is not. Gay zombies can be and should be 'perfect' (I'm using the term in the moral sense here -- that of acting perfectly right according to the standard of their unlife), but can not and should not be 'impervious' -- or more exactly, should not be protected by any higher power (either god or otherwise) so that their lives are so controlled such that their choices cannot harm them. Their conditional nature, that is, the fact that they need to work hard at living and will cease to exist if they don't act, is an essential feature of gay zombies and is what, at least in part, gives rise to kindness love friendship justice and so forth.

In other words, gay zombies are not about religion (rejectiing and killing god) nor non-perfection as zombie nature, but about the full nature of free will, and its conflict with forced will. God and religion are used as a way of illustrating one aspect of free will in a dramatic manner. Likewise, the whole thing about non-perfection and the difference between invincible invulnerablity and vulnerable one-winged mortality is there because that is what free will is, and a explanation of free will better include something about why choice is made necessary because we can be destroyed and for no other reason.

In fact the whole idea about the universe of the gay zombie being a 'mere' 4th-dimensional imperfect universe and the 'perfect and complete' universe of the Wave-existence is probably likewise included -- if the universe was all intricately planned and perfectly organized there would be no free will. Who'd want such a place?


A 'giant black mystery blob' in the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska has been identified as marine algae. Initially speculated to be an oil spill, the mass was discovered by a group of hunters earlier this month near Wainwright. The blob is reported to be stringy and hairy, and is tangled with jellyfish, among other debris.
The "thick, dark gunk" stretches for as much as 15 miles, and is moving at a slow drift. Upon being first sighted, the U.S. Coast Guard flew out to investigate the mass, and local officials collected samples for testing. Coast Guard Petty Officer Terry Hasenauer reported that "We responded as if it were an oil product. It was described to us as an oil-like substance, thick and lingering below the surface of the water. Those characteristics can indicate heavy, degraded oil, maybe crude oil, or possibly an intermediate fuel oil."
Test results subsequently revealed that the blob is some sort of unusually extensive algae bloom. "It's definitely, by the smell and the makeup of it [...] some sort of naturally occurring organic or otherwise marine organism", Hasenauer said. The substance has remained entirely offshore.
However, there is still great uncertainty among local residents and officials alike: "We've observed large blooms in the past off Barrow although none of them at all like this", said Barry Sherr, an oceanography professor. "The fact that the locals say they've never seen anything like it suggests that it might represent some exotic species which has drifted into the region, perhaps as a result of global change. For the moment that's just a guess."

what a whore for gorilla glue... made from real gorillas, the most scientifically adhesive creatures, there's one whole gorilla in every bottle.

Would you invest in feet if feet were a stock

Reading the last few pages of Mawson's paean to agent-causal libertarianism, one question grew in my mind like kudzu to overrun any other garden-variety observation that I might open my review with: when does one philosopher's scrupulously crafted philosophical retreat become another's wildly failed apologetic rout? Now I want to be clear that I do not mean that Mawson sees himself in this work as beating anything like retreat in defense of his view; rather, he sees agent-causal libertarianism as more like the last noble knight triumphantly standing in the jousting arena of vanquished free will-position peerage. However, I think that Mawson is in this respect closer to a Quixotic assessment than a realistic one, and I will argue that his overall tactic is in fact one of retreat and best seen as part of a grander tradition of apologetic flight started a couple of generations ago and continued today by what I'd dub collectively a lam of libertarians. I will also stipulate, however, this lam -- and Mawson's effort is exemplary -- is to be respected generally for clarity, intellectual vigor and honesty, and stalwart conviction. In my judgment they are just in the end most likely wrong, that's all.

The first objection people have when learning about the idea of prediction error minimization is that is must obviously be false. Minimizing prediction error is minimizing surprise, and the best way to minimize surprise, when it comes to sensory input, is to not have any sensory input. If we minimize prediction error we should therefore all seek out dark rooms and stay there. But we obviously don’t, so PEM is false.

This objection rests on a misunderstanding about what the theory says. It is crucial to see that it concerns prediction error minimization on average and in the long run. The brain is doing lots of things to maintain its ability to minimize prediction error reasonably well at the current time and over time. This means that just seeking out the dark room and staying there is not going to work since after a while in the dark room prediction error is going to increase. Hunger, thirst, loneliness are all states we don’t expect in the long run, so they are surprising. Similarly, concerned family members, council workers and landlords are going to come knocking, creating prediction error that staying in the room cannot deal with. (See here for great paper on the dark room).

What the dark room problem tells us is that prediction error minimization always happens given a model, a set of expectations. We will find an organism chronically in the dark room only if this is the kind of creature that on average is expected to be found in a dark room.

Every day pray a random prayer from a random book from a random religion at a random time of the day while doing different sequential random positions and sacrifice a random item in one of the rooms of a random house you are currently in.


In October 2009, the FDA, the National Eye Institute (NEI), and the Department of Defense (DoD) launched the LASIK Quality of Life Collaboration Project (LQOLCP) to help better understand the potential risk of severe problems that can result from LASIK[96] in response to widespread reports of problems experienced by patients after LASIK laser eye surgery.[95] This project examined patient-reported outcomes with LASIK (PROWL). The project consisted of three phases: pilot phase, phase I, phase II (PROWL-1) and phase III (PROWL-2).[97] The last two phases were completed in 2014.

Calgary is also the only place I've been asked for permission to huff some gas as I'm filling the car.

You completely agree with everything he wrote, after a year full-time? Really?

So you would use curly braces and commas to specify an object, and then be confused when CoffeeScript doesn't get it?

After a year, you didn't figure out that its a best practice to leave off the parenthesis in just the outermost function call, but to include them in the other calls on a line to make things clear?

After a year, you didn't realize that with the CoffeeScript scoping rules, you couldn't just throw in a global at the last second without looking carefully to see if it was used somewhere else?

After a year, you still hadn't learned about function binding with fat arrow?

After a year, you still hadn't learned that the existential operator (?) means you don't have to use typeof nearly as much?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okS-hXB3jGg [10:27:42 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: i really like the comments on this video [10:28:16 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: Thats what the white man gets for being so racist. Michael Brown, never forget, never forgive! [10:28:38 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: ;( If only Obama was underneath that when it fell...... [10:28:51 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: these are grade A triple plus comments [10:29:23 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: Wow...that is GREAT footage! Too bad they don't use bamboo scaffolding like they do in Hong Kong cause it never falls down even in typhoons. [10:29:42 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: all the humans like little worker bees... filming everything for the hive mind so we all know and see everything that is going on... these little humans dont even know they are apart of a whole... like little cells doing a job... [10:30:36 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: This is how I see it. They modified the weather to have heavy rains and then sent a wind storm to blow trees over and mess with the grid. I'm not surprised. I lost power here in Clackamas County due to this freak wind storm. [10:32:53 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: I've lived here all my life which is probably longer than you've lived. You probably keep your eyes glued to your phone 24/7, watch football games, and believe everything you're told without using common sense or questioning anything that you hear or are taught. You don't pay attention to what in the hell is going on around you like every other nincompoop around me. Wake up and pay the hell attention.. [10:33:43 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: Some shit fell off a building.....who fucking cares?? [10:33:43 PM] No kings, no gods, only bitcoin: That's why in my country we use bricks for building !!

I don't want to live in a world where Cheeto dust-covered neckbeards don't automatically get trophies and blowjobs for their horrible Scott Pilgrim ripoffs.

is 50 shades of grey's popularity an indication that /r9k/ and PUA psychology is right all along

Listen all you people, as a fan, I'm sick of all your negative comments about Mama Cass being a big sweat hog. That's Mama Cass! MAMA CASS, you fools! It was okay for HER to be fat. She was doing a show in London in July1974 and choked to death gobbling down a big triple ham sandwich in her hotel room, so people laugh about that, which is appalling. Maybe she was hungry and just wanted one more for a nightcap. At least she didn't have anorexia like some of these skinny chicks these days. Sheesh. Yea for Mama Cass!

Memories : '( back when I had no pubes, I really miss those days

Night Troll sound like Ildjarn but with pitch-shifted brutal death vocals, massive and inept breakdowns, and absurd soloing. Tremor of the Black Manx = dodecaphonic aleatoric experimental cybergrind/death/doom/prog/glitch/noise.

know you're getting lots of hate, but i'll try to be constructive. i'm not requesting like, an "expert" play the game, but seriously? this is the guy who you had bail you out since you're all "bad at pc games."? how about next time you at least give him 5 minutes beforehand to check over the controls menu, or find a guy who knows there's a controls menu? this was like inviting orsen welles over to break down citizen kane and quoting clerks the entire interview. good christ.

I always wonder if the reason for some human beings to have ended up living in the most extreme conditions, is because they were the tribal rejects. The ones that were expelled, or arrived late at the good sites, and therefore have to make do with the barely livable ones.

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure the reason the universe seemed to be expanding is that telescopes continue to see further as that the technoligy is getting better.

socrates lived in ancient athens and had twelve disciples, peter paul mary bruce plato and aristotle. plato invented philosophy and aristortise invented science. before this time everyone lived in a vast plain and clanked rocks for edutainment. after the platonic revolution as personified in his great work, 'ulysses', athens quickly conquered all the brown people. but then rome happened. there were olympics? the great roman philosopher fuckingnoone invented having empires and then jesus was born. julius caeaser had sex with cleopatra and they made a movie out of it. then rome fell, just crumbled apart, but it was ok because then there was europe. there were knights and kings and castles and then the nazis came and it was really awful. bill clinton was president and then 9/11 happened and mtv doesnt even play music anymore

First, however, I'll start with a seemingly-unrelated anecdote that will make me seem like less of a jerk than someone else. You're free to consider that it never really happened: I sat down at a table across from Dead or Alive / Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki at E3 one year. I slid him my business card, and I told him what I do. "It says you live in Tokyo," he noted. "What are you doing here in Los Angeles?" I told him I was here for work. He pointed at me: "Go back to Japan right now." I asked him why I should go back to Japan. He said I should go back to Japan because "The women here don't respect men enough." I told him I had work to do. He pressed his original point: "Go to the airport, tell them you want to change your flight, and get back to Japan." I insisted that I had work to do. He snapped his fingers, and pointed right at my nose. "I admire a man's devotion to his job."

He removed a business card case from his pocket and gave me one of his business cards. "Feel free to contact me when you're in Tokyo." I could tell that this guy wasn't real — he was only trying to say something that I would report to someone else. I guess that's what the director of a game does — in addition to, you know, actually directing a game. He builds character and mystique. He gets people interested. You know what they say — marketing is ideally something you're thinking about from the planning phase of a product. It's all connected. Well, I know Itagaki isn't and wasn't real. He was just a smart guy adeptly filling the gaping gap marked "Huge Jerkoff Japanese Game Director." He was waving a banner, and making a name for himself because of it.

I never failed to have a conversation with Itagaki at every trade show or convention that didn't spiral near-immediately into some bizarre direction, eventually touching either directly or indirectly on sexual harassment or homosexuality. Itagaki was a real button-presser. Now, apparently, he tells interviewers what he thinks of fighter jets, or whatever. Anyway, once I established myself as a Genuine Japanese Video Game Industry Professional, Itagaki stopped being so weird with me. One time — at Tokyo Game Show the year Ninja Gaiden 2 was demoed for the Xbox 360 — I chanced upon Itagaki sitting alone in an armchair in the lobby of a hotel. His head was tilted back. I'll admit I stopped to look at him for a moment. Was he asleep? Part of the thing about dark sunglasses is that people can't tell if you're asleep, when you sit with your head tilted back in an armchair in a hotel lobby. He must not have been asleep, because the instant I turned away, he snapped his fingers at me. He called me over: "Hey. You." I walked over. "What's up, Tomonobu Itagaki?" I said, my politeness half-joking. "This is the mayor talking," he said. (Okay, he didn't really say that. Let's pretend he did.)


"Listen to me."


"You need to start playing pachinko. You need to play it every day. You need to start playing pachinko as soon as possible if you want to learn the truth about yourself."

". . . That's it?"

"That's it."

"I got it. I'm gone."

And I was gone.

Later that night, at an Important Social Function, Tomonobu Itagaki had a beer in one hand, and he touched my hair without asking permission. We then talked at some medium length about shampoo.

I'll admit, when it's clean and not an unruly length, my hair has a fantastic texture.

Facts I know about Tomonobu Itagaki: he graduated from law school, and he worked as a game designer on Tecmo Bowl.

i’m jun/june, a 16 year old autistic pangender asexual demiromantic trans-asian cat otherkin … i knew that i wasn’t meant to be white — but i did not know exactly� whichethnicity i was meant to be until i was exposed to Korean beings, and Korean culture (albeit a single aspect of it) for the first time. (the area in which i live is racially homogeneous and for the preceding 14 years of my life i had come into contact with very few BOC, and no Koreans). anyhow, upon seeing the Korean singers and observing their culture, i finally understood my true ethnicity. their appearance corresponded exactly to my idealized conception of myself (my proprioceptive perceptions and my mental image of my own body); their language, their gestures, their comportment, all seemed absolutely natural to me. it was like an adopted child meeting their birth family for the first time. and it was wonderful.

Often I see people ask who is Phil Fish? Did he ever really exist, or was he simply the product of a slick conspiracy or marketing campaign to indoctrinate the West into adopting a certain way of life and entrenching Judeo-Christian values? Who has ever seen him? Is he just a rumour? Those who discuss sightings of him fall mysteriously silent for years on end, and attempts to contact them go unreturned.

Well, as the last man to ever see the corporeal form of Phil Fish, I feel honour bound to set the story straight:

Phil did indeed exist, and was once a man. He and I grew up together in Squamish, British Columbia, in the shadow of impassive, impenetrable cliffs and mountains which, I suppose on recollection, either we internalised their qualities leading to our stoicism in later life, or they were simply always a reflection of ourself, carved by the slow, steady hand of nature. I'd like to say we became fast friends, but the reality is for many years we were bitter rivals.

Throughout high school we engaged in a mutually destructive display of one upmanship. One day I would turn up with scarf of such impossible, otherworldly silkiness that it simply repelled the human touch. It required a special apparatus constructed by my father (the municipality's only CNC engineer) to wind it around my neck, unfortunately it was wound so tight that I was deprived of oxygen to the brain and have slight brain damage resulting in a lack of cognitive function to this day. Not to be outdone, the next day Phil would launch a retaliatory salvo, being adorned with spectacles of rims so thick that he had to drag his head along the ground, carving great grooves in the earth, the pavement, and the hallways, causing skateboarding accidents and similar calamities.

We carried on like this until around the age of 20 or so, when our families were brought together by mutual tragedy. Both of our fathers had, by way of some manner of unforseeable accident that the police refuse to investigate to this day, come into possession of at least 6 and as many as 12 cans of Molson Canadian beer, and, in the throes of some form of toxic delirium, had taken to a nearby ski resort for recreation. Whilst on the ski lift, my father, from what I've been able to piece together from eye-witness reports, must have suffered some form of heart attack, leading Phil's father to valiantly attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for around 3 hours.

I'll always be thankful to the Fish patriarch for having the presence of mind and dexterity of mouth to save the life of my father, but some combination of the beer and near death experience had changed them. My father suddenly claimed to be a gay man, in love with the elder Fish. For his part, Fish Sr. announced that he was taking a motorcycle trip to "find himself", and true to his word, he did, and found himself in bed together with my father in motels across the American midwest.

Our mothers began spending a lot of time together, supporting each other through the toughest time of their lives. Then, one day, I found myself invited to dinner. It was on this day, in the Fish family home, that I discovered Phil's passion for art and video games.

It's funny, in all the time we had been attempting to outdo each other, attempting to be some kind of artisté ubermensch, we had focused solely on the outer perception of our beings. Attempts to impress others. We had never once revealed anything about ourselves, our hopes, our dreams for the future. We were hollow maquettes of the humans we were to become. We struck up an enduring friendship, and became inseparable. We began collaborating on great works of art, enormous silken banners of 8-bit mascots baring arms against the indignities of the soul, to be hung from The Stawamus Chief, video game design documents about how you get different as you age, or how sometimes you really like a person and separation isn't nice, or how you can turn yourself upside down for great financial reward.

We had, in all honesty, an immensely rewarding partnership. We had grown much, and won the praise and admiration of our peers. We were, at last, fully fledged human beings, our success born of a sentience we only truly achieved in our early 20's. We were precocious, and yet we were always battling to make up for lost time. It always occurred to me that we had become great people, the trouble is we had become the same great person, driven by the same personal inadequacies, drawing strength from the same fonts of courage, and it caused me to do something I shall regret for the rest of my life.

I suggested we spend time apart, just a little at first, but then for days, even weeks at a time. It was not an acrimonious split, in fact we continued to work together on many projects throughout this time, far more than we ever attempted individually. It was simply a means to nurture and nourish our own, separate personalities, lest we become an indistinct, blurry duo, the borders of our souls ill-defined, like Milli and Vanilli, Penn and Jillette, Notch and the small child he later devoured live on Justin.tv, or Arnold Schwarzenegger and the fat, weird looking stuntman from that one scene where the bike jumps in slow motion in Terminator 2.

Phil had been working for some time on an idea he'd had about our perception of space, and of space between dimensions being navigated by a Cave Story man, that had been brought on by accidentally striking himself in the back of the head with a golf club at a driving range, which was when he discovered he had joint hypermobility syndrome. For my part, I was working on an action game which provided a stinging critique of the military industrial complex, using bowling as a direct replacement for violence, though keeping the original military context. Things were going well, or so I thought.

One night it all came out. We weren't the same person, we didn't share the same thoughts, and we certainly weren't driven by the same things. I awoke at 3am to find Phil sweating profusely and crying at the foot of my bed. The first thing he said to me was "Joe, I'm going to die. Joe, I'm dying. Joe, when I die, it'll be as if I had never existed. I'll have no legacy, no agency, no memory or self. It scares me, Joe."

I was in no fit state to comprehend all this, but just as I had flicked the light switch on, he immediately switched it off, grabbed me by the shoulders, and stared at me with wide-eyed terror.

"Joe, when I'm gone, will the world even know there was a Phil Fish? Joe, I'm clasped in the jaws of existential terror. It's swallowing me, Joe. Joe, I'm forgetting myself. My self, my whole self. My entirety. Joe, it's going away now. Joe I can't fight it any longer. Joe, was I good enough?"

As he said all this, his grasp became gradually more infirm, though not for want of trying. With all the strength his tiny frame could muster, he was attempting to hold on to my shoulders, like a fleshy, hairy vise. His fingers began to lose their slender shape, his forearms gradually became particulate, a fine mist. Phil Fish was disappearing before my very eyes. His sweat and tears intermingled with the cloud that was once a man, the walls of my room resonated with poorly formed words, but I understood them:

Joe, never forget me.

With that, he was gone with the wind. Ethereal, incorporeal. I have dedicated much of my life to seeding legends of Phil Fish under many pen names, in accordance with his wish to be remembered. And, on occasion most rare, he will appear in fitful dreams and visions to the Squamish people of his spiritual home, or for several hours for on camera interviews for budding film makers.

They say on a still night, if you sprinkle a handful of blu-dust into your campfire, and also spend 70 dollars and have the correct player and television, he will appear, dancing in the flame, yelling "I fucking hate Paul Eres" for all to hear, and not updating his twitter.

So that's the story. Now you know. That's Phil. My best friend, Phil Fish.

Maddin consequently flirted with the idea of moving to Los Angeles to become a director-for-hire. He met with Claudia Lewis, who worked for Fox Searchlight, but Maddin found himself dispirited with the projects he was offered: "I remember one was a love story set in a TB sanatorium. The only thing odd or bizarre about it was the very off-putting sight of people horking up blood and phlegm into little paper cups, and these paper cups would accumulate in volume until there were moonlit paper cups of phlegm floating on a lake, and it was supposed to be very beautiful, but it was nauseating. I'm making it sound better than it was, actually."

The fact that one man's food is another man's God has created a lot of communal disharmony in India and frequently leads to unwanted incidents.

AnCo is ridiculously awkward to listen to with others. They're pretty accessible, so I dont know why it's so awkward, but it is. I've gotten so many looks of horror and confusion when a song of theirs comes on in the company of others

Dagseoul wrote a really good post about absolving oneself of whiteness through anime consumption

(2:13:35 AM) Rinku: cecil is pronounced (2:13:39 AM) Rinku: kay-cel (2:14:05 AM) Rinku: kaysil (2:14:12 AM) Rinku: like kayne west sitting on a window sill (2:15:33 AM) Rinku: cecile on the other hand (2:15:35 AM) Rinku: is pronounced (2:15:39 AM) Rinku: like see-saw (2:15:46 AM) Rinku: it's the feminine version of the name

You all think you have great ideas for Pokemon games, but if I actually listened to all of you and we combined all of your ideas in a game, it would be an unplayable monstrosity. You want a game with all the regions, but only the first generation Pokemons, yet all the legendary ones and such silly things. Whenever I receive one of these rants, I go to the development floor and read it out loud to all the Game Freak employees in a mocking voice, and we all laugh at you.

Xbox1 could create some powerful experiences. For example imagine a game where you play a character with a mask. You're asked to make some tough decisions and by the end you may feel bad or good about this character. Then the camera slowly zooms into the character's mask which is taken off. (Spoiler) It's YOUR FACE, the Kinect had secretly taken your photo. Suddenly all the weight of your decisions will feel more personal to you. Then one of the enemies takes off their mask, it's YOUR CHILD.

Dog Whistles (whistles that only dogs can hear) are used as training devices to tell a dog when they’ve done something wrong. Dog Saxophones, however, are recreational devices for dogs that wish to learn to play Dog Jazz, a secret genre of music that humans will never be able to hear or understand.

(8:42:56 PM) sigvatr: im stoned and went under the house for a cigarete naked and went to light the cigartte but i lit my penis instead

hi everyone. whats the deal with washing bath towels. its like, arent we clean when we use them. whats the deal with that. thank u.

Arriving in the Middle East today for top-level negotiations with Palestinian and Israeli officials, a man who could not even devise a way to beat George W. Bush in a head-to-head vote will spend the next several days attempting to bring a peaceful resolution to the most intractable global conflict of the modern era, State Department sources confirmed. “We are confident that [this person who managed to win just 19 states against George W. Bush, even in the midst of two highly unpopular and costly foreign wars] will be able to establish a framework to bring about lasting peace in the Middle East,” said State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, stating that the diplomat, who was actually deemed by the American populace to be a worse option than four more years of an administration led by a former baseball team owner and Dick Cheney, could provide the leadership necessary to resolve the bitter, bloody conflict that has raged for more than six decades. “[The individual whose sole goal for more than a year was to make the simple case that he would do a better job than one of the most disliked and poorly rated politicians of all time, and who decisively failed at this singular task] will lay out his bold vision for a road map to peace, and it’s one that we believe both Israelis and Palestinians will be very receptive to. Our best hope for a safe, prosperous Middle East lies with [a guy who came in second to a former substance abuser who nearly choked to death on a pretzel].” Sources throughout Israel and the Palestinian territories said they were optimistic about a peace deal, saying they were eager to hear the ideas of the husband of a powerful food-processing heiress.

if we start printing our own products....the tax man is left plumb out of the deal.....and God forbid you print something exercising your 2nd amendment rights........

i had a very independent meet up it was just me and my tears as you might have guessed

*snes spc laugh that's just a single sample repeated at steadily lowering frequencies*

For your pledge of one hundred dollars: I will invite you and a guest to a private dinner with me, and possibly my parents or another guest, at a nice restaurant of my choosing somewhere in Salt Lake City. This price does not include the cost of dinner or your transportation to and from the restaurant. Dinner will be about $40 per person not including tax or tip. 5 people maximum. You'll have to pay for yourself, your guest, me, and my guests.

haha stupid? this was ploy to get free game from you the gitler game ahaha HOW CAN YOU BE SO GULLEBLE... i socially engineered you goo dbye thou i will enjoy my saved dolar fell in my trap

I find this to be prominent in modern games where choice is involved. For example choices in Mass Effect 3 have been boiled down to; A. I like you B. I dislike you Then you chose this short sentence, and suddenly Shepard goes on this giant fucking rant about ideology. That or he evokes genocidal tendencies from choosing " I dislike you" .

US and Germany. i know you have weapons "Laser Beam". give it to us to complete Gundam